Oh, the Latin sensuality!
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Oh, the Latin sensuality!

When we talk about beauty, sexiness, and talent, how many names spring to mind? Many, right? We have an entire universe of female singers bearing those qualities, in the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Canada... There are plenty of options!

Well, dear reader, it was just like that, from a list formed by so many names, that American magazine Men´s Health has picked the Colombian diva as the sexiest chick alive in 2014. Shakira is the #1 babe in the opinion of the Americans. Besides being a singer, she is also a great dancer. Maybe that is the reason why, amongst 100 other beaus, the Colombian chick has been picked as the first of the list.

Shakira has always learned easily. When she was only 2 years old, she knew the whole alphabet, and with 3 she wrote her first poem, ´La rosa de cristal´, probably showing she was somehow already connected with art.

Belly dance came from the Lebanese grandmother, who taught her how to dance when she was only a child. During her childhood, Shakira was also part of a choir. Therefore, she was expelled for having her voice too deep. Luckily for us, she never gave up singing.

Even though dancing has always been her main ally on stage, the singer went through a significant transformation a few years ago, when she changed her hair, and lost a few pounds.

Her music clips started to catch the attention of a different audience, becoming hotter and hotter, as it happened with her partnership with Alejandro Sanz in ´La Tortura´. Released in 2005, the clip expresses pure desire in 3:45 minutes, associating her audacious vocal to her teasing body.

She was also with Beyoncé in ´Beautiful Liar´, with its strong, extremelly sexy choreography, in which both singers go into a kind of vocal and body dispute. With similar make-up, Beyoncé and Shakira get mixed up between a scene and the other. In the talented duet, both exhibit perfect, in sync silhouettes.

Among other jobs, Shakira was with Rihanna in ´Can’t remember to forget´. The clip was released when Shakira was 36 years old, showing her as amazing as ever.

The sexiest singer of 2014 didn´t stop there. She was also the first person to obtain over 100 million views in the social media. Nothing fairer than having our eyes turned to this diva throughout 2015!

Nanda Coelho

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