Health goes beyond aesthetics Many people come to us and ask: What should I do to have a beach body? Our answer to that is quite straightforward: have a body, go to the beach! You need to follow routines that make you happy. In other words, routines that respect your possibilities and Careful while exercising in the sun Going outdoors is, most times, much more exciting than spending time inside. On the other hand, exercising outside requires extra care, since the combination of physical activities and the heat can become quite dangerous. Keep active during the holidays We know you want to enjoy the holiday parties, and you’re entitled to that. But you also don’t want to throw in the bin all the work you’ve done during the year. In order not to regret later, keep focused, and move! Go outdoors! We are moved by new adventures, so maybe it’s about time we tried new ways of exercising outdoors. Together, let’s get to know a bit more about three sports that could easily be practiced by using what the nature has to offer. Cycle! In this text we have listed some of the best benefits riding a bike can offer, and we’re sure you’ll soon be convinced it is worth it leaving the car parked and going to work on your bicycle sometimes (or always). Health, hypertrophy, or weight loss? Health, hypertrophy, or weight loss – what’s your goal when you train? Would you like to know the real truth? It doesn’t matter because you’ll need to gain muscle mass in order to reach any of those goals. Get awesome results in 15 minutes If you still believe that, in order to reach your exercising goals, you need to spend over an hour a day at the gym, please read this text until the end and be surprised by Science’s recent discoveries. Lack of time is no excuse The biggest problem is the current model prescribed by personal trainers everywhere, usually based in the ‘the more, the merrier’ idea, making training sessions too extensive and sometimes incoherent. High Intensity Interval Training You’ve probably heard about HIIT, short for High Intensity Interval Training. It’s a method that consists in the application of high intensity effort during a training session, combined with rest intervals. Athletes pose naked for ESPN Every year ESPN launches a special edition magazine called 'the Body Issue'. In it, you see sports stars doing what they usually do: playing, swimming, surfing, running... But with a difference - they're all naked. Stereotypes present in every gym Many people hit the gym each day. It is the only way people can keep themselves fit in today´s hectic world. However, every person who visits the gym meets some stereotypical people there. Beach Running Whether you live near a beach or your travels take you to one, running on the sand provides a soft running surface, and a view. Here are some beach running tips to help you enjoy your next jaunt by the sea: Get strong abs Abdominal myths have survived for decades and can be found lurking in every gym. The primary focus of this article will concentrate on how to strengthen abdominal musculature through various muscle actions and patterns. Goodbye, extra fat There is no need to spend two hours of your day at the gym, training like a beast, in order to burn the extra fat. Studies and new methods show that there are other ways to send the bad fat away. Physical activity after 40s The quest for health and for quality of life don´t have a life span. Even for those who have been real couch potatoes their whole life. If you start exercising today, you are the one who gets to win, and your body will thank you for it. How to escape a sedentary life Sedentarism is classified as an illness in modern society, and one of its main causes is the evolution of human society into an automatized industrial society, which allows us to do almost everything with a simple phone call or just pushing a button.

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