Go outdoors!
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Go outdoors!

Us human beings are moved by new adventures and challenges, so maybe it’s about time we got away from the beaten path and tried new ways of exercising outdoors. Together, let’s get to know a bit more about three sports that could easily be practiced by using what the nature has to offer.

Our soil is rich in natural beauty, we are blessed by breathtaking landscapes, places which can give us all the energy we need to move on, offering not only a health improvement, but also a sense of well-being and inner peace.


Canoeing / Kayaking

Canoeing has won countless fans throughout the years, even though the sport comes a long way, and is present at the Olympics Games since 1936.

In direct contact with nature, this sport can be practiced in several different places, and by several different ways, including since speed competitions with maneuvers, until rides through rip tides in distinct types of canoes.

The great differential from other water sports is that canoeing can be easily practiced in lakes, oceans, and rivers, big and small, whatever’s the easiest option for you.

The benefits go since postural improvement until a huge caloric expenditure; the first because for being on the boat it is necessary that you maintain your abs firm and an erect posture for better balance, and the second due to the strong, continuous paddling. Without a doubt, canoeing is a great option for being in direct contact with nature.

It’s important to remember that, before thinking about loosing a few pounds or the rush of adrenaline, we need to ensure our own safety while on the boat. So always wear helmets and life jackets.


Mountaineering / Climbing

Climbing walls was probably the dream of many men out there, especially those who used to watch Spider Man movies and cartoons. Well, we know you’re now a grown up, but there’s still time for you to make your inner-child’s wish come true.

A good idea if you’re thinking about starting mountaineering or climbing is trying rock climbing or indoor climbing. After you do that, maybe you’d like to try something even more challenging and run for the mountains. That’d be okay, as long as you’re aware of all the techniques necessary for doing a good job, and as long as you are a patient person. All moves need to be controlled, you need to think about your next move. Don’t rush things, try to see it as a self-control exercise, which might be just perfect for putting a brake on the daily rush.

Another benefit caused by climbing is that the practice demands a lot from arms and legs, not to mention flexibility, making it a great option for those who are after an off-the-beaten-path physical exercise.

It’s obvious that, as in all radical sports, some safety items are mandatory, such as the special climbing shoes and the safety belt – no matter if you’re climbing a natural rock or an artificial one (like those climbing walls). Powder magnesium is also important, since it helps keeping the climber’s hands dry, contributing to better surface adhesion.


Trail run / Trekking

Being immersed in nature is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about trekking or trail running, and this direct contact can render benefits that go beyond weight-loss, improved self-esteem, and better physical conditioning.

Running or walking through trails, up the mountains or across rivers is different and thought-provoking, something indescribable for those who are after real challenges. The pure air we breathe in these environments is another great advantage of leaving the asphalt, the big cities, and the gym’s enclosed spaces behind, even if it’s just for a while.

The necessary equipment for trekking or trail running are practically the same ones used for urban races, even though some companies already offer more specific products, including special trainers, and backpacks.


So, what do you think of these ideas? Maybe now it is time you changed your habits a little – or maybe not. You’re the boss! But just in case you’re looking for a change in your routine, put your shoes on, buy your rows, climb mountains, run through trails. It doesn’t matter which activity you’re going to choose, the most important is to go for an adventure, discover new stuff, enjoy the benefits the nature has to offer!


Ygor Bueno Barbosa

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