Health goes beyond aesthetics
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Health goes beyond aesthetics

When we write the Personal Trainer articles, we are usually focused on subjects related to hypertrophy and weight loss. We also show, through various studies, that exercising and eating healthily are two fundamental activities for those who are trying to improve their health.

What also needs to be clarified is that, when we embrace healthy habits, weight loss and other physical transformations are all a consequence of your attitudes.

Does that mean that everyone who’s after the perfect shape will have bodies that look the same? The ones explored by the media, exposed in television ads and associated to the sale of miraculous products?

Of course not!

First of all, the perfect body can be an utopia, becoming an eternal and prejudicial search leading to the point that some people adopt drastic measures that can actually cause more harm than good.

Besides, we’re all different from each other, and therefore we shouldn’t keep trying to look the same. It’s important to always respect our limitations and possibilities. Quality of life also means giving yourself the right to enjoy things that make you feel well.

Many people come to us and ask: What should I do to have a beach body?
Our answer to that is quite straightforward: have a body, go to the beach!

You need to follow routines that make you happy. In other words, routines that respect your possibilities and limitations. Do not let pre-established parameters, many times built out of nowhere, influence the choices and habits you judge are better for you. Make sure the practice of a physical activity goes way beyond the search for a beautiful body. It’s about your health, not necessarily the shape of your curves. Remember that!

Lastly, is it wrong to ignore all of your pleasures to conquer a body people see as perfect? All we could say about this is: please, don’t. You are allowed to be happy, to eat and/or drink what makes you happy. The most important here is to consider that we can all have distinct goals, but the strategies should be adopted not only based on what your fitness goals are, but mainly on your well-being.

A nicely-shaped body might be awesome, but remember happiness is mandatory!


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