Keep active during the holidays
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Keep active during the holidays

The long-waited holidays are here, and with it, also comes laziness. Most of us usually eat more due to Christmas celebrations, and drink more tasting the New Year’s. We’re also surrounded by friends or family, and that delicious dish prepared with love by a family member isn’t always very healthy.

We know you want to enjoy the holiday parties, and you’re entitled to that. But you also don’t want to throw in the bin all the work you’ve done during the year. In order not to regret later, keep focused, and don’t ruin what you’ve achieved during the previous months spent at the gym.

We have a few tips for you to keep active even after all the abundance. The secret for this time of the year is to run away from the usual exercising routine, and try to keep moving, especially to burn the extra calories ingested this month.


Choose your hotel wisely
Most hotels have their own gyms, so there are no excuses! If you’re going away for the holidays, try a brief research before you book your room. Observe if the hotel offers a space where you can exercise, even if that means a reduced spot. With that, you’ll be able to follow your exercise routine, and keep focused. Many hotels and resorts also offer extra activities in their packages, being those excellent options for the holiday season.

Small accessories, those that are easy to carry around, can be a great way to exercise during a trip: ropes, elastics, small dumbbells, and bands are good examples. With this equipment you can exercise even in your bedroom or by the pool. You see there are no excuses, don’t you?

Jogging and running
Going to a beach or the mountain? No worries! In all these places you can easily jog or run – and the best is that you can do that with fresh air in your lungs. Running by the coast or power walking by the sea burns a lot of calories, especially if you do it after that special Christmas meal.

Games and activities
Being with the family or friends means, in most cases, having a great time. In such cases, the tip is: think ahead and put everyone on the move. Soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and several other sports can be practiced with all your family members. If they’re not that into sports, maybe try a simple competition at home, by putting one group against each other, playing several active tasks.

A day at the gym
If you’re one of those people who can’t stay away from the gym, most gyms nowadays have a daily pass. Go for it!

With these tips it might be a little easier to keep active even after all the parties, the food, and the laziness. Just be creative, go for a walk, plan something different for you and your companions. Keeping a balance between the amount we consume, and the calories we dismiss is essential. Keep moving!  


Ygor Bueno Barbosa

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