Which’s the best exercise for me?
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Which’s the best exercise for me?

Almost all of us ask that question before we start exercising for real. Some already have some experience when it comes to exercising, but are still confused when it comes to picking the activity that would be considered ideal, based on all the information available out there (a lot, by the way). Others have never experienced any type of oriented physical activity and, therefore, feel lost when they decide to start. But, after all, is there an activity which is considered ideal for each person?

We can definitely say that, yes, there is! And the answer is: weightlifting. Yes, weightlifting for all, since it is an activity which is easily adaptable to all ages, performances, and goals.

Weightlifting is the only training method which allows the control of all the necessary variables to ensure compliance with the established goals in an exercise plan. Planned training equals planned result; whereas unplanned training equals winning the lottery.

But what about the traditional aerobics (running, cycling, swimming)? What about the new trends, such as functional training or cross fit? All of these options are physical activities, and as long as they’re practiced under professional orientation, they can indeed offer interesting results. Therefore, remember that we’re talking about the ideal training, and not about a cooler or more modern option.

Many people are in favor of pleasure as a determiner for ensuring the constant practice of a physical activity, and consequently to results. But let’s be honest, if you enjoyed exercising, you certainly wouldn’t be holding still, would you? Would you use your free time if you weren’t sure about the results you’d be getting from exercising (remember the lottery)?

Result is what leads us to exercises, and when it comes to seeing those results, weightlifting is unbeatable! We’re not saying would should stop doing everything else that you’re doing. If you’re into other activities, that’s fine, go ahead. The thing is to keep moving!

*Note: this text is about exercising for the promotion of health and aesthetics, and there’s nothing to so with sports performance.


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