Red wine varieties With hundreds of varieties of red wine grapes, there is as much red wine information to learn about as there are red grapes planted in all corners of the globe. For a quick and easy red wine 101, the following will fit the bill. The world’s most expensive wine For the rich ones, the Wine Searcher website has recently released a list of the world’s 50 most expensive wine. At the top of that list we find a Burgundy which costs over 15.000 dollars a bottle. New Zealand: in the antipodes of wine We are all aware of their rugby talent, but now New Zealand is positioned in the world with a differentiated product, which promises to please even the most adventurous palates, the ones who search for new flavors and sensory emotions. Wines with altitude We’ve all heard winemakers and salespeople proclaim certain bottles to be unique thanks to their “spectacular, high elevation” vineyard sites, but what exactly does “high elevation” mean when it comes to finished wine? A unique wine by the Duero Port wine is one of Europe’s greatest classics. Its history is vast, and fascinating. In fact, this wine and sherry’s (about which we’ve talked about here before) are the only ones that adopt distinct elaboration processes. A walk through California's vineyards ‘Sideways’ is about the lives of two 40-somethings with contrary personalities who go on a trip to Santa Barbara’s vineyards. The movie presents a great panoramic of the American crops. Cava: the Spanish sparkling wine Always linked to parties or celebrations, this liquid bliss, a passion of all, conquers more and more space around the world. Nowhere behind the French wines, the Spanish variety has reached the most remote corners of the planet. Sherry wine decoded Sherry, for ages one of the most tradition-bound, staid and ignored wines in the world, is surging in popularity. A new generation of wine drinkers is embracing this idiosyncratic, fortified product from Spain’s deep south. The pleasure of the aromas Sometimes we place our noses on the wine glass merely because we see other people doing it; and in other occasions we realize there’s something there, therefore we can’t properly identify it. The world’s most exclusive champagnes Based on the exclusivity idea, we have come across three of the world’s most exclusive champagnes, and explain in this article what their main characteristics are. The world’s best wine It seems that everything needs to have a best, a biggest, or a #1. Currently there are competitions for practically everything, and when it comes to wine, it’s not any different. But is it that important to know that? Wine served on planes The opinions are almost always the same: “food served on board is stale.” This has been one of the main reasons for the development of studies organized by the airlines. But what happens to wine? How should I store my wine? Proper wine storage depends on achieving and maintaining the optimal conditions for wine: cool and consistent temperature, high and consistent humidity, physical stability, darkness, and an absence of strong odors. Champagne Tasting Sparkling wines have been having their consumption increased significantly. In parts, that happens because champagne is no longer seen as a product for festive dates, as it used to be. It has been also seen as an option to accompany meals. The perfect serving temperature Thjis month we'll tackle an excellent topic: the right temperature to serve wine. Plus, some insight on the grape varieties of Bordeaux, and the (puzzling) difference between sauvignon blanc and fumé blanc. Five Ways to Spot a Good Wine Here is a shocker: Good wine is neither expensive, nor old. So how do you know what makes for a good bottle of vino? Well, for starters, it is deep, complex and stays with you long after you've tasted it.

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