The world’s most exclusive champagnes
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The world’s most exclusive champagnes

Exclusivity is one of the words that govern the context of all of those involved in the production and harmonization of champagnes. In such exquisite scenery like this, it is the uniqueness of a product that makes it even more revered for a percentage of the society, putting it in a kind of pedestal above from others. Based on the exclusivity idea, we have come across three of the world’s most exclusive champagnes, and explain below what their main characteristics are.

Cattier is the most provincial of all champagne producers’ glamorous brands. Conceived in the family crib back in 1763, the brand remains independent of well-known retailers, being managed by the family and a small staff. Tradition and handmade imprint aren’t left aside by the current generation, living in the Chigny-les-Roses community, with its soft weather, and altitude varying from 116 to 277 meters.

The Armand de Brignac label, created in 2006, is Cattier’s most famous one, and a confinement room was built especially to house the champagne, that remains locked for several years in the cellar’s deepest area, about 30 meters underground. Harmonization should be imagined in order to build up an appetite, so light the champagne is. White and pink meat dishes are the most suitable for a glass of this preciousness. The price of a bottle of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold costs about US$ 700. The champagne was elected in 2010 the world’s best champagne.

Another powerful brand in the exclusive champagne market is Cristal, Louis Roederer’s main label, known as the “sacred liquid” by its connoisseurs. Imagined in 1776, but created only in 1833, the brand came to take the Cristal champagne to a kind of authority in the Old Continent’s winemaking – especially in France, where it comes from.

The brand is a familiar brand, located in the French city of Reims, with its humid, soft weather and altitude varying between 80 and 135 meters. During the production period, about 600 of the Cristal bottles are returned. After the process is finished, they are matured for about six years – added to another six months of absolute rest. The Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay grapes are the only ones used in Cristal’s production, being the first cuveé de prestigie created in France. A bottle of the “sacred liquid” costs about US$ 450.

It is no secret that France is one of the one of the greatest refinement of cribs when it comes to champagnes. One of the pillars of this crib is, no doubt, the powerful Perrier Jouët – dated from 1811, and created by Nicolas-Marie-Perrier and Adéle Jouët, in the famous Avenue de Champagne, located in the French community of Épernay, a region marked by oceanic weather, with altitude varying from 68 to 251 meters, the ideal conditions for the vines.

The familiar brand is seen by sommeliers, and also by its customers, as the world’s most exclusive. All the glamour stems from elegance, refinement, and the willing to become more and more perfect whenever possible. The decorated bottles with arranged roses and anemones work as the brand’s main symbol, with fans everywhere in the world. The Grand Brut, one of the brand’s most precious labels, is produced from the combination of three grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir.

The champagne harmonizes lighter dishes so its taste won’t be covered by heavier condiments. You can find the Grand Brut for about US$ 60, but if you opt for one of the Belle Epoque bottles, you’ll spend a bit more – about US$ 250. It’s worth the money, since the feeling of tasting an exclusive Perrier Jouët is really special.

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