Wine all year round
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Wine all year round

It is clear the climate influences both directly and indirectly in what we eat, it determines the kind of food that can grow in certain places, amongst other aspects.

When it comes to wine, it is the same thing. The grapes have their own limitations when it comes to temperature, soil and other conditions. That is why we cannot wine production in extremely hot, or extremely cold regions. Wine consumption can also be influenced by the weather, and that happens a lot in several countries worldwide.

Magazines, blogs and TV programs, for example, recommend certain wines for certain seasons of the year. What we usually hear with regards to that is that winter in the wine season, especially when it comes to red wine. Summer, on the other hand, matches with white.

What I ask is: what happens to the rest of the year? These same publications will certainly say special occasions are perfect for sparkling wine or champagne. Right, it seems good, but let´s talk about it a little.
The consumption of certain wines is really low. The preference of most consumers worldwide is for the red wine, even when we mention wine, people in general usually think about the red one. Therefore, many people relate it to Winter time. More questions arise from that thought: would that be a marketing strategy or a limitation for its consumption?

It is clear people who live in countries which are wine producers drink much more than the world average. In Argentina, for example, it is estimated each person drinks 30 liters of wine per year. For comparison, in Brazil this number decreases to 2 liters per year.

Based on that, it really is important and necessary that serious work is done in order to spread the consumption of wine. Of course it should be done responsibly. We are not talking about getting people drunk with wine. We are talking about people enjoying the drink as they tend to enjoy any other alcoholic beverages during the entire year, and not only during certain months.

As I have mentioned in the beginning, climate influences in what we eat. It is true that in hotter days we prefer lighter food and refreshing wine; whereas in colder days we tend to go for heavier items combined with more structure wines, as the red ones. Climate is also one of the reasons restaurants change their menus and wine lists.

Even though personal taste is very important, and that in my opinion it should always be respected, the tip is to pay attention to the composition between dishes and wines. In my case, I drink red wine both in Summer and Winter, as I also eat BBQ and roast beef when is hot. I really do that. As I really enjoy having seafood in a cold day, followed by a cool bottle of white or sparkling wine.

Without a doubt, it is a cultural matter. I for example have learned, when I was a little kid, to always set the table as if it were a special occasion, with all plates, cutlery, napkins, glasses, bread and wine, regardless the climate. That was part of my family´s daily routine.

I hope wine becomes part of people´s food culture, and isn´t only related to festive occasions, weekends, or dinners at stylish restaurants. No matter if it´s hot or cold, the idea is to always cherish the moment and have something to taste to!

Mario R. Leonardi

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