Men and games: winning or losing? The room went silent. She took her white dress off, revealing a sexy lingerie under it, covering her angel skin. Her panties were tiny, the tights were thin, the bra was tight, barely covering her voluptuous breasts. Dinner was never so good Had to go to Sao Paulo last week for a meeting with a new editor (old friend) and he ended up putting me on the worse situation ever! Made me go out to dinner with a friend of his - recently divorced, beyond depressed! Something hot, somewhere cold A short vacation in Vale Nevado (Chile´s Snow Valley). Nothing like a few days of holiday from my dolce far niente here in southern Brazil paradise to have some fun somewhere else. I traveled alone, as I almost always do. In a strip club So... New Year in Hawaii. Brilliant idea!! Except for the fact that I decided meeting a guy there... a guy from Alaska, that I had met in Bahia. Well, the strange element in this is not that he lives in Alaska, certainly. At ease, soldier! Ever since I came to Floripa, for Junior High, me and my best friend Denise cultivated a tradition: sitting on a bench at the main road, by the sea, to see the soldiers jogging - the Jogging GI-Joes. Going to the movies My hot friend Gabi was supposed to meet me at the movies this afternoon so we´d watch something interesting and then grab a bite to eat. I don´t even remember which movie we were going to see, but bought the tickets she told me to. A more than relaxing massage It was the typical waking-up-with-the-wrong-foot day. First of all, it was raining cats and dogs. Then, I was late and couldn´t even have a decent breakfast. Went straight to the shower and slipped, which made me feel like an old lady who needed help get Going shopping I was in need of some new clothes and as my friends all have to work, I went to the mall on my own. Wandered around window shopping until I finally saw something which was interesting in one of these nice department stores. Oh, the Internet! I haven´t told you my latest adventure on the net, have I? It happened a few months ago, right after I was presented to amazing Chatroulette. It´s a website which puts you in contact with people from all over the world, randomly. Carnival miracle Every Carnival reminds me of a very good story and I gotta share it with you. A few years ago I enjoyed my first Carnival as a single woman. Can you imagine how horny I felt after the breakup and how much I was longing to enjoy other dicks? Sex toys It´s been over a year Gabriel and I enjoyed some crazy nights, just the two of us. Not many, though, so we wouldn´t be bored out of our minds. Our meetings have always been so intense that it was only possible to work out the next day with the help of A Kids party There is a time in life in which graduation parties give room for weddings and kids birthdays. This time, it was a five year-old birthday party. This girlfriend, Flora, got married while we were in college and even having such different routines, we´re s Nine and Half Hours of Sex I met a guy one morning in a video rental shop. I could tell he was shameless because as soon as he looked at me he strode right into the booth with erotic films. I went in after and grabbed his crotch. Fetish: marriage Last night I watched Shortbus, a wild film about sexuality. It’s the story of a sexual therapist who never had an orgasm and, to get over this bad trip, began to frequent an underground club in New York called Shortbus where everyone screws everyone els Pool party I arrived yesterday from a quiet week in Stockholm with Mario – a cute executive who I was enjoying. It was great, but the trip let me see that perhaps he truly is Scandinavian and should stay there. Rural Encounter Three hours of dirt road. The endless expanse of eucalyptus trees was pretty, but after a while it seemed like someone was holding “crtl c and crtl v” or there was only one row of eucalyptus between two mirrors.

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