Carnival miracle

Carnival miracle

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Every Carnival reminds me of a very good story and I gotta share it with you. A few years ago I enjoyed my first Carnival as a single woman, after years in a relationship with my first real boyfriend. Can you imagine how horny I felt after the breakup and how much I was longing to enjoy other dicks? I thought it would be a good idea to go out and meet several different guys – it was the perfect time of the year, anyway, and I wouldn´t miss the chance. All those days were worth it, but there was one in special which takes my breath away every time I think about it. You´ll soon understand why.

It was a Saturday and I went with my friend Denise to a Carnival party in our town. It was a traditional festivity in the city and I made sure I was unrecognizable so I could do it all unnoticed. I went as Madonna. Ok, Stephany, be more specific: which Madonna? Oh yes, the 80s Madonna, of course. I already owned a white corset, fishnets and a hat at home, so all I needed to do was find a nice skirt and a blonde wig and ta-da! Madonna it was!

At the party you could see it all: odalisques, firemen, nurses, a range of fetishes ready to be explored. I grabbed a caipirinha in one of the bars, winked to Denise and she got the message – I was off hunting. I kissed a pirate, but by the time he grabbed me harder I noticed he wasn´t all that and went after something nastier.

I walked around while observing all those sweaty bodies, all the sexual tension in the air. Suddenly, as a divine vision, I see a dark-haired man. He was tall, had shoulder-length hair and wonderful blue eyes. He was wearing a white long tunic. He was Jesus! I had found Jesus at a Carnival celebration, how cool was that?! I couldn´t believe the miracle and thought it would be the stupidest thing in the world to miss that chance, so I walked up to him and he soon realized what I was after.

I was on tiptoe to whisper in his ears: “Jesus, here I am!” Ok, the caipirinha didn´t allow me thinking on a good pick up line, so what?! It worked anyway and he immediately bit my ear and grabbed me by the waist. We glued our bodies together and I quickly realized he wasn´t wearing any underwear. I caressed his back while he kissed my neck. My thighs rubbing against his turned us on so badly we had to quickly leave the salon and go after a more reserved space before we shocked society with explicit sex scenes.

We walked by the garden until we found the perfect spot: a big tall tree by the lake with enough space to hide us from view. I placed myself against the trunk, took my hat off and looked deeply into his eyes. Jesus knelt in front of me, put his big strong hands under my skirt and pulled my panties and tights down, merciless.

I gasped when I felt his breath coming up my thighs up to my groin. He was finally kissing me all the way up, leaving me all wet and hot. He placed one of my legs on top of his shoulders and licked even deeper. I tried to control my moaning so people wouldn´t find us there, but when I reached climax the sensation was so amazing I couldn´t help but scream ´Jesus!´ out loud.

After this incredible gift, it was my turn to reward him. By pulling his tunic up, I confirmed what I already knew: he wasn´t wearing any underwear and was ready for a blow job. It was an amazing cock, pink, huge, it was great putting it in my mouth and tasting it. I did it non-stop until he asked me to stop because he wanted to come inside me. Wow, who I am to deny anything to Jesus? Judas?

I took a condom off my corset (always ready to rock!), turned my back to him and held on the trunk so he could enter me. He spanked me nicely before penetrating me with all his will. I had goosebumps all over my body. His hands squeezed my hips while he came and went as he pleased. It was an incredible fuck! We both came deliciously and were only caught when the guards stopped us from going into the lake, naked. They had probably been watching us all the way and I loved the idea.

When we came back to the party, Denise was talking with a sheriff and I realized she´d be okay. I told her Jesus would take me home and left. We did it again in his car even before we left the party and we did it once again before going into my place, still in the car. I thought it wouldn´t be smart to get his number, since I was single and wanted to enjoy other men. Better this way, anyway, but I gotta say that Jesus has provided me with an almost supernatural experience.


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