Be pleasant at the workplace
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Be pleasant at the workplace

After I woke up this morning, while I was having a hot cup of coffee, I caught myself thinking that people, not wanting to generalize, discard us after we stop being useful to them. But why was I thinking about that? The weekend is almost here, it isn’t that cold anymore, it’s not even New Year’s Eve for me to start reflecting about the things that happen in my life. Well, maybe it’s exactly because of that.

When all the fuss is over, we start thinking about our routines and the way things happen. And when we get back to work, we realize that the most volatile people in our lives are our work colleagues. We can’t blame anyone for that, after all we can’t always hold them closer or include them in our personal chores. But if there’s one thing that’s a fact is that, sooner or later, you’ll probably be disappointed by someone you work with.

When good opportunities arise, no matter if we’re talking about our current jobs or not, you go ahead. You embrace it, not always considering what could go wrong or if your attitude could lead to a misinterpretation at work. But if you think about it for a moment, no matter if you’re improving nor if your professional life is going well, you’ll always need to respect the others. Offering help and being friendly cost nothing, and you certainly score some points with a nice attitude towards things and people at the workplace.

There’s a sentence that I like and use a lot on my daily routine: There isn’t an elevator to success. You got to take the stairs.

I totally agree with that, and I must say that I find it really strange when people get things too fast. Investing in a career, improving your professional profile is much more serious, and it takes much more time than most people think. Anyway, all I’m saying is that we should always try and keep our workplace friendly and our colleagues comfortable with us.

There are quite complicated attitudes at work sometimes, but we need to think twice before we act – especially with the Internet, since there’s no more hiding away from our problems. Think before you run to your social media to say bad things about your boss or colleague, consider it before you post. Maybe you’re annoyed at the time, but in most cases, all you need to do is get up and grab a cup of tea or go for a quick walk.

Fine, thing at work aren’t always good, our colleagues don’t necessarily become our friends just because we see them every single day. No matter how close you are to the people at your workplace, respect them, have some character and honesty, keep the work environment free of excessive boasting or complaints, try not to gossip or speak evil of your boss.

What sometimes seems to happen is that the people who couldn’t care less about this ‘code of good behavior’ are the ones who are usually better at work. On the other hand, I also believe it’s just a matter of time before they reveal who they really are. Trust yourself, be transparent. Recognition, even when it comes a bit late, never fails.


Mariana Goulart

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