For a more optimistic year
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For a more optimistic year

After a turbulent year, filled with political surprises, people start to bet in a whole new year, with new goals and plans. But we all know that a digit isn’t capable of changing all that’s bad in the blink of an eye.

The texts I post here tend to talk about feelings, and to analyze attitudes, so nothing more obvious than mentioning a restart. We sometimes go through romantic disappointments, pain, and diseases that go beyond a difficult year. Yes, we seem to enjoy complaining, turning small things into huge problems.

I confess that some of the things that chocked me the most last year were the violent attitudes of the regular people. I swear I don’t understand the reason why some people mistreat children, harass women and the elderly, among many other acts I don’t even have the courage to add here.

Men seem to be regressing to the Middle Ages. They torture women who break up with them, they shoot people out of the blue, they kill themselves, as if people were their properties. They kill and severely hurt simply because the victims’ opinions and/or acts go against their own. That can’t be fair!

If we analyze all the mess we’ve been going through, involving many themes, such as politics, violence and economy, we’ll understand that we’ve been inserted in a system that works as if it were a food chain – one survives through the other.

At the same time, somehow, one also supports the other. Nothing is extinguished, but it all gets worse. If I’m being a pessimistic? Of course I am! I guess that’s a general feeling, and the year has barely started. We can’t chance the world on our own, but we can look after our own attitudes, pay attention to what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and what we’ve been leaving behind for the next generation.

Maybe we should try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, to try and understand a bit more, to be a bit more emphatic. Going through the year complaining, finding everything terrible, will certainly not lead us anywhere. What may help is if we try to be better, to feel better, to experiment, to not give up. Now I’m being an optimistic, because I believe we got to save our children from our darkness, urgently. Our legacy is the best treasure we could leave them!


Mariana Goulart

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