Gift ideas for her
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Gift ideas for her

The year flew by, we hear that all the time. That means Christmas and New Year are getting closer, and we sometimes need that little extra help when it comes to picking a special gift for the woman of our life. Much more than in previous years, this year was the year when women from all over the globe were inspired by Internet celebs. Instagram tutorials, YouTube videos, and other social media posts talk about beauty products and services all the time – which means your girl is definitely their target.

We’ll be offering suggestions for Christmas gifts related to that: making your babe even more attractive. Meaning: make-up, cosmetics in general, hair products and all that stuff. Shall we start?

Let’s start with something grand, and quite different. There is special furniture for storing make-up items and beauty products, usually with distinct lighting and specific compartments. How about planning her a surprise and giving her a new beauty corner? Make a quick research in planned furniture stores, or look it up on the Internet. Prices are not as bad as you think!

Now going from furniture to cosmetics in general, those items that make her even prettier for you, such as make-up items, antiaging creams, moisturizing and the like. Luxury cosmetics are a new trend, and traditional brands are looking for the perfect miracle formula to compose antiaging, antioxidants, detox, rejuvenating, and vitamin-boost creams. These are some of the products that are probably never missing from a girl’s arsenal. Prices vary depending on the brand and quality, so you might be better off talking to an experienced seller.

Still talking about skin-care, if there’s something women are in love with is the basic trio: mascara, blush, and BB cream. Indispensable in women’s lives, the products comprise since the most basic ones, going up to the most expensive, famous and indicated ones. International brands are usually welcome, and adding the trio of products into a nice gift-wrapped box will probably win you a few extra points.

Hair is also one of women’s most popular concerns, since most of the ladies out there spend lots of time and money in beauty parlors. There are special shampoos and conditioners, depending on the color of her hair, depending on the chemical treatments she’s put her precious hair through, depending on a lot of other factors. This Christmas might be a good one to give her a special treatment, maybe a bunch of products to help her keep her hair nice and shiny.

Other good options include a set of professional brushes, a combination of eye shadows (the nude tones are a must), or a palette of concealers of several shades.

I am aware that many of these words may be the same of speaking Greek with you, but visiting specialized stores or even talking to your sister or female friend about it will give you a nice idea of what’s the best option for your girl. Happy shopping!


Mariana Goulart

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