Girl talk, boy talk
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Girl talk, boy talk

Women tend to get upset more easily about some things, especially among themselves. Men complain when they are affected, even though they are not amidst the turmoil. Maybe the male brotherhood is not as attached to some feelings as the female one, and this text is talking about it.

Gossiping is a pretty common action in the female world. Some women even gossip about their best friends to a third party. Sharing (both with the purpose of creating conversation, and with the purpose of being mean) is a female characteristic. Men, on the other hand, tend to act differently.

They talk about someone that annoys them, they talk about a problem they’re having, or when they want a friend’s opinion. It’s difficult to see a man talking to another man’s back just because he’s having a tough day, for example. Unless a woman is defaming someone who is obviously being wronged, do not be surprise nor promptly judge this behavior. Sometimes it’s simply a vent.

In the business world it is common to leave some information out of the conversation. Many say that happens because of bad vibes, and many people believe that the best way to thrive is by keeping your mouth shut. Something I believe to be true, in fact.

I’m not sure if that’s the way if happens with men, but women feel offended if something like that happens within their group of friends. If someone is planning something (a trip, a party, a tattoo), and doesn’t share her thoughts with her peers, at least with the closest ones, people will get mad! It’s as if it were a betrayal. A great, huge mistake. It proves lack of confidence.

Therefore, there’s one thing that both men and women have in common: talking about their partners. We know men talk among themselves about the women they’re hanging out with. They do! You do! Men tease, complain, talk about their positive and negative aspects. Women also do that, even though the outcome is different.

In the end, after the ladies finish talking about the things they like or dislike on their respective partners, they protect them, describe their qualities, and say how happy they are with their loved ones. Men, as far as I know, don’t tend to highlight their partners’ qualities. They keep the best to themselves, no advertising. Is there a right or wrong in this?

When we analyze such attitudes, it’s clear women sway with their feelings. No one can speak ill of their partners but them. If someone has news to share, they’d better share it. These are daily, tiresome, commandments. Men are more practical, more direct, without further ado. What I can say about women’s behavior in these cases is that no matter how complicated they look, the best thing is to respect their space.

Intelligent men don’t even have the trouble to discuss with their partners, female friends or family members about who’s right, about female and male qualities, about being hurt because a friend didn’t tell him about his latest business. Men listen, express their points of view without imposing their personal opinion, and offer their shoulder for their friends to cry on, if needed.

Women, well… I need to defend my ladies. Even though I find the male attitudes much simpler and easier to deal with, I’m offended by everything I talked about above – just like the majority of women out there. I suffer because of gossips, I’m sad when a friend hides something from me, and I enjoy talking about my husband – aware that he also talks about me to his friends.

Men and women act differently in some situations, but I guess that’s a good thing. It helps us improve our behaviors each day, it makes us fight for our partners, and it toughens us up so we can keep going. Living and learning, after all!


Mariana Goulart

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