How’s your social etiquette going?
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How’s your social etiquette going?

I can assume that, after reading the title to this article, you probably thought we were going to talk about an old subject. But I’m not here today to speak about how you should behave in business meetings, nor how you should use the cutleries during that fancy dinner. I’m here talking about the social media. I mean, there are so many people out there who haven’t got a clue about how to behave themselves in their social media channels… especially when it comes to politics, religion or sports.

In times of political and financial crisis, there’s practically a declared war in the social media. Best friends could suddenly become worst enemies, your political preferences can exclude you from a select group, and no one care’s about each other’s opinions when it comes to boasting about the current economy. There are those who delete the profiles which have nothing to do with their own view of the world, and I guess that’s totally acceptable. Worse than that is being all war-like on your own feed, disrespecting your friends’ personal opinions, and not listening to anyone else except yourself.

Another funny thing that happens is when people ask for recommendations, and forget they’re actually asking for help or for a favor, but they ‘accidently’ forget to mention the polite words of ‘thank-you’. I got to confess something to you all: depending on how the person posts, I don’t help them, even knowing that I could. Even with the contact they need right there, one click away. I like politeness, and well… it’s free!

Now now, another absurd we usually see in the social media are the married or compromised people who, depending on the day, pretend to be single. They add pretty babes’ profiles without even getting to know them, they try to convince you to go out on a date with them, they see themselves as invincible ones – or invisible ones! I’m a married woman, and let m tell you this: I have over 300 friendship solicitations pending (all from men, most of them who are currently in relationships). And that happens even though almost all of my profile photos show myself and my daughter.

But the funniest of all, and I quite enjoy this particular topic, is the presence of our parents or grandparents in our social media channels. It’s as if we were teenagers again, asking them to please, please, please stop kissing me in front of the whole class, thank you very much! You have certainly gone through some weird/funny situation involving one of your photos and a comment from grandma. Nothing bad there, though, even though some of the messages they send can be quite embarrassing.

Oh, and if you have kids, you have been where I’ve been: all of a sudden, your precious child sends an audio file to your work group, changes the group photo, or sends personal images to your dentist. You’re the one who needs to explain it later, but anyway…

And just to summon upon, one of these days I read an article which said that the happy couples who are always posting photos and videos of their personal lives on Facebook or Instagram are actually sad and problematic. It said it’s as if they try to compensate whatever they’re lacking with the content they post, wanting to show everybody out there how happy they are, and how great their lives are. I’m not the kind of person who post in the social media to declare my love for my husband – whatever needs to be said, is said straight to him, there’s no need to post for all my friends to see. Anyway, I’m not here to judge. But how about you? Do you agree with this study, or do you think it’s BS?

All in all, I believe all we need to remain calm and peaceful is education. Yes, our phones are with us all the time. Yes, they are loaded with social apps. Yes, we’re most of the time loading them to see what’s news. But, you know, if you’re polite, gentle and respectful, it all goes well.


Mariana Goulart

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