Technology in excess
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Technology in excess

One of these days one of this funny Instagram profiles made me think. It showed the picture of a couple, and the boyfriend was tagged as “you wish” instead of his real name.

How many times have you caught yourself stalking someone’s life in the social media? Even just out of curiosity. What I don’t get is why these people wouldn’t like their followers to know who their partner is, for example. In such cases, why even bother to tag them? Why not just let things as they are?

Life online has been pretty busy – and not only relationship-wise. It seems the social media has become a huge menu – of clothing, services, supplementation and lifestyle in general, where everything is for sale.

I confess that I find it quite tiresome. After all, we don’t even know if the user is actually recommending that due to their personal taste, or if they’re being paid to do it. People are conditioned to use the Internet for everything these days – especially because you’ll find anything you want to know there. And now, with the social media channels as marketing and merchandising tools, things have become even more intense.

But do you agree that we’ve been overreacting? I’m not against any of that, especially because I work with the social media and I’m always connected. Therefore, I still think that most people are exaggerating.

What do I mean? Ok, here we go. When you go out with your friends or family, do you guys talk, or is everyone checking their phones all the time? When you look for something to read during a trip, do you buy new books or magazines, or do you just download something, like new apps?

It’s clear that technology helps us a whole lot, with apps for traffic, research, and many other stuff. Information is instantaneous online – which makes things much easier for all of us.

The care that I believe we should have, though, is regarding virtual trash. We shouldn’t believe everything we read or see online, thinking that the Internet owns the truth. Things can get funny (or tragic, depending on how you see it), when for example you research about a given medication on the internet and some websites will definitely lead you to believe that you’re about to die, when in fact all you have is a simple headache.

I work with lots of fashion-related trends and behaviors. And for the next years, the greatest trend-bureaus point out to a search for the past, a recovery of antique values. The importance of our grandparents’ homes, more resistant outfits, comfy food. Then I was thinking: why not follow this trend and leave technology aside a bit in some situations?

After all, you won’t be able to complain about your children’s behavior regarding their phones if you yourself don’t serve as a good example. The attitude starts with you, within you. If I could give you an advice, even that it seems obvious, I would say: abandon connectivity for a little while, and donate yourself a bit more for those who are actually present, physically present, body and soul.


Mariana Goulart

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