War of the Sexes

War of the Sexes

So... do women actually speak more than men? Do they cry more as well? And why do men live less? Well, there are real explanations as to why these things happen and if they are actually true. Would it be a war? Of course not! It’s just to make it clear that, if these differences exist, they are there due to hormonal facts and not because women and men enjoy trying to prove who’s the best.

1) Do women talk more?
Men’s and women’s brains are totally different. Popular knowledge says that the girls use 20 thousand words every day, while boys use way less: only seven thousand.

On the other hand, according to researchers from Texas and Arizona universities, women and men pronounce the same number of words daily. Women get to the mark of 16.215, while men use around 15.669. A small difference, considered statistically insignificant by the researchers.

Another discovery was that, at two years of age, girls have the vocabulary ten times more implemented that boys the same age. Meanwhile, boys are more able to understand and deal with games and sports.

2) Do women eat less?
Researchers from McMaster University, in Canada, observed 469 individuals in 266 groups from the local campus. The amount of calories taken by women depends of who is keeping them company while they eat.  When the table is shared with female friends, they tend to eat much more than when they have boys sitting beside them.

The quantity also varies depending on the amount of people present. The more men at the table, the less women put on their plates. When the situation is the opposite though the amount of calories is bigger.

3) Do women feel less pain?
Specialists consider women more resistent to pain. That doesn’t mean that they are more resistent than men, though. This happens due to their hormones. In some situations, women feel less pain because they are going through a phase in which their hormonal levels are high. Men, on the other hand, don’t suffer the same hormonal variation as women do.

4) Do women cry more?
According to a German Oftalmology Society research, women cry from 30 to 64 times every year, while men cry from 6 to 17 times in the same 12 months. In general, men’s crying lasts between two and four minutes, while women’s tears are free for at least six minutes.
It’s curious that, until 13 years of age, both girls and boys cry the same amount of time – which shows that controlling the tears is something we learn socially.

5) Do women drink less?
A research made by Loyola Marymount University, in the USA, indicated that many girls drink more than they should to impress their partners. Men and women have physical differences related to the capacity of drinking more alcohol. Men have more muscles, so they are able to drink more alcoholic drinks and stay sober for longer.

6) And finally, do women live longer?
Yes, they do. They live more because they look after themselves more. Men don’t really care about their health unless someone tells them to. This is caused by what’s called the ‘superman syndrome’, in which men think they never get sick and are protected from anything that can affect their health.

Mariana Goulart

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