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Subscriber Jose Antonio de Angelis wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
muitas fotos dos pés por favor
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Mas que mulher maravilhosa!!! Bunda perfeita!!! Essa mulher toda é um ode a beleza feminina!!! Que venham mais ensaios dessa deusa!!!
mehadi wrote on 18-year-old is our new model:
So beautiful
Subscriber Tushar Sawane wrote on See how this Tuesday's live shooting was:
Behind the scene video
Paulo oliveira wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Eita, pura vitamina esse bumbum têm!!!!! Rsr
Subscriber Gilberto Lopes da Silva wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
mto gostosa chega logo dia 22
Subscriber Reinaldo Santos wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
Que bella!!!
Subscriber Francisco das Chagas Silveira wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
Bota essa loira logo pelada!!
Isaac wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Calção e toalha nada, eu vou pelado também, ficar incontáveis horas mergulhado nesse piscina!
Subscriber Emerson Ricardo Hansen wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
que bunda linda amei !!!
Rafael Amorim wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Sou fã da fê!!!!! Linda!!!
Subscriber Matheus Lobo wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Ansioso para ver a parte 2 deste ensaio maravilhoso da Fernanda Liberato.
john Clapp wrote on We vote for her to stay... forever!:
Wow,As far as I know they do not come hotter than that.
Subscriber Leandro Martins M. dos Santos wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Subscriber General wrote on Inscrições prorrogadas!:
Bapi wrote on She won't be going so soon:
Subscriber Caio wrote on Terça é dia de ensaio ao vivo!:
Irei acompanhar!
Michael Gomes wrote on Última semana para se inscrever:
Sou fã!!
Subscriber Yuri wrote on Veja aqui como foi o ensaio ao vivo:
Linda !!!
Subscriber Diógenes Rodrigo dos Santos wrote on Diga ao povo que fico!:
Blog - A very happy New Year to you!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

A very happy New Year to you!

There are many people complaining about 2016. For us, therefore, it has been a beautiful year, filled with photo shoots featuring stunning women, and surprising revelations of talent, beauty, and friendliness.

We have had many Bellas who became a real success, taking our breath away with their sensuality. Among so many beautiful ladies we had the pleasure to photograph, we can mention Emiliana Agacci, Nalu Kasmierski, Amanda Maquellen, Katlen Oliveira, Patricia Jordane, and Thais Geliski - but honestly, it was a great pleasure to photograph each and every one of the 2016 models!

We started showing more of their beautiful parts, we tried different angles, all without losing our style. We started to publish new photo shoot every week, always on Wednesday, a day which become very special to all of our fans and subscribers. We tried, whenever possible, to listen and to taken into consideration your comments, opinions, and suggestions, with the idea of getting better, and better each day.

Since we believe everything can improve, we'll be presenting you many new things in 2017, always aiming the quality of the material offered by Bella Club, and the happiness of our customers. Among the news scheduled for next year, we can mention:

- the babe of our last live photo shoot of the year will be 2017's first model;
- we'll soon be publishing the photo shoot of a former Big Brother participant;
- our hottest character, Stephany, will be back (the erotic tales will be written by the former Big Brother model we mentioned above);
- we have already chosen two of February's photo shoots, both very special indeed, as a celebration of Bella Club's sweet 16.

We would also like to wish you a bright 2017, may you be surrounded by many beautiful, interesting women - both online and off!



Bob Graver wrote on 2017/01/04:
Happy New Year
Kevin wrote on 2017/01/02:
More of Liziane Soares, Karoline Schwonke, Vanessa vailatti, Emiliana Agacci in the new year.
Subscriber Kevin Barrios wrote on 2017/01/01:
me encanta su estilo y les aplaudo por mostrar el cuerpo entero de las modelos ... por lo que estoy feliz que publiquen cada miercoles sin falta.. saludos y un abrazo desde centro america
Subscriber Trevor wrote on 2016/12/31:
Awesome Awesome

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