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Subscriber André wrote on A sua poção mágica pós-carnaval:
Excelente notícia! foi um dos meus ensaios favoritos do ano passado, e novas fotos dela são sempre bem-vindas!
Subscriber Sergio Rodrigues wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Volta, Suely!
horacio wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Podrian hacer nuevos ensayos con modelos antiguas como Sibele Zibetti. Saludos
Luis Fischer wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Me incluo na lista de fãs da Suely Pedroso!! Um novo ensaio se faz urgente e necessário para que possamos novamente apreciar a beleza desta modelo do Bella
I like this wrote on Celebrate Carnival with us!:
Subscriber Sidney wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
TRagam ela de volta por favor
João wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
A modelo mais linda do Bella. Merece um novo ensaio. Perfeita.
Subscriber Diego wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Verdade! Essa é uma das grandes musas do Bella, e também acho que já passou da hora de trazerem um ensaio novo e mais ousado dela!!! Escuta aí equipe do Bella, tá todo pedindo!!!
Alexsander wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Bom dia....essa dai eh uma modelo que poderia voltar ao bella da semana nao eh mesmo ? Agora nessa fase ousada do bella e nos brindar com um novissimo e atual ensaio...seria otimo... Suely Pedroso merece um ensaio novo nessa nova fase do bella...que tal ?
Subscriber Thiago Souza wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Tragam ela de novo hein!! Já passou da hora!
Subscriber Luis wrote on Ela é puro pecado:
Bella da semana! Do mês! Do ano! Do século! Do milênio!!!
Subscriber Luis wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Magra, longilínea, seios siliconados mas sem exagero, e bunda maravilhosa
Ale wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
O segundo vídeo é um dos melhores que assisti aqui no Bella.
As mais protegidas wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
Subscriber Rogerio Mauro wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Maravilhosa!!!! Seu corpo é um poema!!!!!!!
Raul Fernando Dreher wrote on Siga o Bella nas redes sociais:
Conheço e acompanho o Site, acho q desde quando foi lançado no Terra!
Subscriber João Francisco Furtado wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
ousadia como a Beatriz Aguiar de 18; é oq espero de vcs e esta gatíssima loira!
Subscriber Claudio H M wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
A mais linda de 2017. Minha lista de "as mais lindas do bella" recebeu outro nome: Fernanda Liberato. Agora a Lista tem, alem da Fernandinha, Katlen Oliveira, Nalu Kasmierski, Manu Muniz, Emiliana Agacci e Patricia Berlanda.
Subscriber Jose Antonio de Angelis wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
muitas fotos dos pés por favor
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Mas que mulher maravilhosa!!! Bunda perfeita!!! Essa mulher toda é um ode a beleza feminina!!! Que venham mais ensaios dessa deusa!!!
Blog: Nalu is back next week!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Nalu is back next week!

Pretty Nalu Kasmierski is the model who returns to Bella Club next Wednesday with part 2 of her photo shoot. We're sure this piece of good news is partly responsible for your good mood today! How about clicking here to see what she's done around here before?


Blog: She's an irresistible woman
Bella Club
by Bella Club

She's an irresistible woman

It's not for nothing that stunning Ellen Sapori has 29 photos sets published in Bella Club. She's gorgeous, with naturally beautiful breasts, and a behind that is irresistible to anyone out there!  To see what she's done with all men's hearts, just click here as fast as you can.



Blog: Pay your membership in installments
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Pay your membership in installments

Here’s another advantage to all Bella Club members! Now you can pay for your yearly membership in 3 interest-free installments with your credit card.

In order to join us now, follow the steps below:
- access
- select the annual membership
- add your credit card data
- select the number of installments (payment in full, 2 interest-free installments, 3 interest-free installments)

Then all you got to do is enjoy our photo shoots of the most beautiful Brazilian models for a whole year, unrestricted!

Bella Club - there’s no comparison

Blog: Organize your favorite photos
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Organize your favorite photos

‘My Bella’ is a space we developed in Bella Club so you can keep the photos you like the most, organized the way that suits you best! If you prefer, you can also share your space with your friends and other users, as well as getting grades and comments.

Want to know what the advantages are?
- you have access you your favorite pictures more rapidly
- all the pictures you like the most are gathered in a unique place
- you create as many folders you want, and you can classify them in accordance to their content
- you get suggestions of similar images, based on your personal taste
- you can access the public folders of other members
- you can share your folders with friends
- you can grade photos, scoring them and leaving personal comments
- ‘My Bella’ is for Bella Club members only

Click here to create your first folder now!

Blog: This is Rosane’s first time...
Bella Club
by Bella Club

This is Rosane’s first time...

The new Bella Club shooting is almost ready, and we’ll be releasing it this Wednesday, bringing with it an incredibly sexy brunette. At 25, Rosane Cardoso has given up a marriage proposal for investing in her modeling career – lucky us!

Never before had she been totally naked for a photo shoot. This means we’ll be the first ones ever to see her in such a moment, a mix of pleasure and insanity. Lucky us, again!

To see the results of Rosane’s first nude photos, we’ll be waiting for you here two days from now. We must say: there’s no doubt she was born to do this. See you then!

Blog: She loves walking about naked...
Bella Club
by Bella Club

She loves walking about naked...

This is the new Bella Club model, and as you can see above, she's longing for those who'll be seeing naked for the first time in her career. When she's home alone her clothes are a big no-no, as she enjoys walking around naked - just like you'll be seeing her in the photos to be released next week. You can miss that!

Oh, enjoy the view...

Blog: Remember her?
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Remember her?

Well, sometimes it's nice to look back and see how kind has been to us. A good example of that is Anielly Campos'  photo shoot here in Bella Club. She's such an adorable chick, and her photos go beyond any expectations you might have. Come and check them out  now!

Blog: Invest in shorter training sessions
by Bella Club

Invest in shorter training sessions

We currently live in a world in which people are always in a hurry, keeping busy with work, running several errands a day, and trying to keep the Family and the closest friends nearby – not to mention the incessant and highly addictive TV series in Netflix! In other words, saving some time to exercise and make a habit our of it is kind of hard – especially if we follow some people’s ideas, that say we need to spend about an hour and a half at the gym every day.

Can we change this perspective? The biggest problem is the current model prescribed by personal trainers everywhere, usually based in the ‘the more, the merrier’ idea, making training sessions too extensive and sometimes incoherent.

What if we told you that we can go a different way? What if we told you most of what you hear about the ideal amount of training is not correct, would you believe us? Well, it’s possible, folks! Just click here  to read more about the possibility.

Blog: Aleksandar Mandic is Bella's new writer
by Bella Club

Aleksandar Mandic is Bella's new writer

It's very likely that you've heard of him. After all, in Brazil Mandic is known as "the Internet itself". Well, he's from now on our new writer, and will be bringing you tips about distinct personal and professional aspects through a section called Mantips (after a book released by him both in Portuguese and Spanish).

Of Serbian descent and born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aleksandar Mandic is a precursor of the country's electronic communication, and became an entrepreneurial case study in Harvard. It was him who brought the Internet to Brazil, and who owned the first access provider.

He left a 17-year career in Siemens, and decided it was about time he had his own business back in the 90s - Mandic BBS (Bulletin Board System), an exchange of information by telephonic conection. Mandic has become, upon Internet's arrival, one of the area's giants. One of its most recent releases is Mandic Magic, an app used to reveal public wi-fi passwords no matter where you are. Currently called Wi-Fi Magic, the app became the Brazilian app most downloaded worldwide after only 20 days of its release.

Would you like to read the first of Mandic's tips to all Bella Club readers? Click here now!

Blog: Stunning Barbara returns tomorrow
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Stunning Barbara returns tomorrow

Yes, it is she who returns to Bella Club tomorrow. She, who has left you drooling for her here, but who until very recently was dating another woman. It's she, Barbara Gomes, the woman who'll be here tomorrow with the second part of an amazing shooting you aren't allowed to miss.

Click on the image above to see what's coming next.

Blog: Who's this week's model?
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Who's this week's model?

Would you like to take a guess on the name of Bella Club's model who returns next Wednesday with brand new photos?

Blog: Click here before any other task
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Click here before any other task

You have probably seen the photos of our new babe already: Monique Helena . You have seen her on her rollerblades, listening to music, and teasing a lot with her 100%-natural curves. How about remembering another amazing Bella Club babe? There's no doubt that Niege Menegat's shooting deserves some of your time. So why not clicking here before running any of your daily errants?

Blog: Her name's Monique...
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Her name's Monique...

Tomorrow we’ll be publishing a photo shoot that you can’t miss! The first part of Monique Helena’s photos is just like herself: a mixture of sweetness and innocence with teasing and daringness. A combination which can’t go wrong, we must say!

She’s 20 years old, and she can’t resist to a pull on the hair during sex. She’s also into provocative talking while she’s at it.

This is the first time Monique has posed naked, and you can’t miss her first time in Bella Club. “I had never done it before, and I must confess I loved it!” Click on the image above to see a teaser.

Blog: Here’s to our new girl
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Here’s to our new girl

Only 20 years old and a very special girlish look. Monique Helena, the new Bella Club model, stars a different shooting: with rollerblades, headphones, and her genitals pierced – yup, you got that right!

We’ll be releasing her photos on Wednesday, presenting you both a sweet girl and a daring woman. See you then!

Blog: Here's our live photo shoot
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Here's our live photo shoot

Now we're realized why the Internet wasn't working earlier. It wasn't because our team is now in a remote location for our live photo shoot. It was because there are two models posing together! It just couldn't take that so much... But now we're back, and throughout the day we'll be posting photos and videos here in our blog and also in our social media, just to share this pleasure with you.

Stay tuned during the day so you won't miss a thing!

Blog: Tesla Motors launches new car
Tesla Motors
by Bella Club

Tesla Motors launches new car

Here's another item to put on the wishlist of all car lovers! Last week Tesla Motors released information on the new Tesla Model 3, with production starting next year. The car is the fourth model produced by the brand, and will be sold cheaper than the other three.

In the US, its initial cost is of US$ 35.000, and it is possible to reserve  one of your own for US$ 1.000 in their official website . Even though they haven't said a lot about the new Tesla, it has been said the car's maximun speed can reach 345 km/h, and that it's panel had a big touch screen. According to the manufacturer, Tesla Model 3 has been designed to attain the highest safety ratings in every category.

For those who are considering buying a new car in the near future, Tesla Model 3 might be a great idea - don't you think?

Blog: About our live transmission
William Pires
by Bella Club

About our live transmission

Oh boy... it seems not even technology could handle the beauty of today's photo shoot's model! Our team is currently in a remote location, filled with natural beauty, and the Internet is a bit bipolar - it doesn't know if it observes our stunning model, or if it works so we can show you what's going on around there.

That's why it might take a while before we're able to share some of the moments with you. But one thing's right: we're trying our best, and we hope to come back with the best of news asap.

Blog: Stay tuned for our live photo shoot!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Stay tuned for our live photo shoot!

We thought it would be nice to come here to let you know we'll be having a live photo shoot tomorrow. We'll be posting photos and videos here in our blog and also in our social media throughout the day. In order not to miss any details, come with us:

Facebook: /bellaclub
Snapchat: /belladasemana
Instagram: @belladasemanaoficial
Twitter: /bellaclub
Google +: +bellaclub

Bella Club - the best excuse to check the social media!
Blog: Dieimi is back tomorrow!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Dieimi is back tomorrow!

Our 21-year-old Lolita, Dieimi Sherllon, is back in Bella Club tomorrow with the third part of a teasing, sexy photo shoot, filled with images that mess with our imagination. Put it in your calendar so you won’t miss it!

Blog: Our Lolita is back!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Our Lolita is back!

There are only a couple of days to go before we publish part 3 of Dieimi Sherllon’s photo shoot here in Bella Club. She confesses she went commando to a prom once, but you’ll be able to see her naked right from your favorite spot. The brand new pictures will be released on Wednesday.

Blog: April Fool's: it was all a lie!
Dollar Photo Club
by Bella Club

April Fool's: it was all a lie!

If you asked us to describe our blog's last post with only one word, we would say: polemic! Yesterday we posted saying that Bella Club would start photographing men as well as women from June on.

We got to say many people got wild! Women loved it, of course, but some of our male fans out there have even considered cancelling their memberships. Boys, relax! Just in case you're lost in time, yesterday was April Fool's Day. Therefore, it was all a game (phew!).

To the ladies, we can only say we're deeply sorry. But let's face it: we must follow our talents, and Bella Club is into women, we're specialized in capturing the essence of the female body - and that is why we'll keep doing what we've been doing for the last 15 years.

Blog: Bella will start photographing men
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Bella will start photographing men

Attention, ladies! It's about time Bella Club started paying more attention to your needs. That's why we've made a decision: from June, we'll be photographing men as well as women!

That's right! Besides our regular photo shoots, we'll have a hotsite dedicated only to them, with sexy photos and teasing videos, always following the quality standards the website adopts for 15 years now.

So, to all chicks reading this now: how about letting your friends know about this? And to the men out there who are feeling angry with our decision, calm down! After all, we all deserve equal rights, ain't that so?

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