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ankur sharma wrote on Missing you so much, Rafaela!:
Rafaela, por favor, volte para bella clube todos queremos vê-lo novamente com um photoshoot muito sensual e sedutora por favor bella fazê-la um novo photoshoot por favor
ankur sharma wrote on Brazilian TV presenter returns to Bella Club:
clube de fazer, por favor bella um novo rafaela didea photoshoot de e do thays leao também todos nós queremos ver a ambos os modelos de novo em bella clube na cidade de nova teste clube equipa, por favor bella um pedido de sua bella clube fãs
luis garcia wrote on El besito de las gemelas:
bellezas al natural sexys, atrevidas y cachondas encantadoras!!!
luis garcia wrote on Presentadora de TV vuelve a Bella Club:
preciosa con una sonrisa que atrapa miradas
LUIS GARCIA wrote on Y la vencedora es...:
un concuros en donde todas son una belleza indiscutible, pero alguien tenia que ganar felicidades CINTHYA POR TU BELLEZA Y TU CUERPAZO
Lucas Thiego wrote on Apresentadora de TV retorna ao Bella:
Me desculpa Lúis flávio, descordo de seu comentário. Minha irmã tem 1.83 de altura e pés n 40 e nem por isto ele deixa de ser linda ! Achei seu comentário muito ofensivo. Se vc não gosta da modela A ou B deveria maneirar nos comentário. Nem todas as modelos do site irão agradar A ou B é impossível tal feito. Então por isto mais moderação em seus comentário !
SubscriberFelipe wrote on Apresentadora de TV retorna ao Bella:
Muito bom. Qualquer ensaio com ela é bem vindo. BDS de parabéns novamente. Espero que ela volte futuramente :)
SubscriberFung wrote on Brazilian TV presenter returns to Bella Club:
Why still a missing part of video which not be shown, compared with the photos!
luís flávio wrote on Apresentadora de TV retorna ao Bella:
Mais do mesmo... a mesma coisinha sem sal de sempre, mesmo sorrisinho amarelado, mesmas pernas finas, feias, coxas curtas, pés enormes (no mínimo 40) e muito feios, bunda nenhuma, peitos sem graça, etc. Mas entressafra é assim mesmo, está precisando chover mais.Nesta época, nem as galinhas botam bem, nem as vacas dão muito leite, seria exigir muito do BDS uma boa safra. Mas vou dar um tempo, pois já vem repeteco por aí de novo, adivinha: outra mineira não representativa das mulheres de Minas Gerais.
Tadeu wrote on Apresentadora de TV retorna ao Bella:
Aguardo ansiosamente pelo retorno de Rafaela Didea ao Bella da Semana. Ela se destaca na lista de beldades deste maravilhoso portal.
SubscriberEduardo wrote on Apresentadora de TV retorna ao Bella:
Que mulher gostosa! Um absurdo este ensaio!!!
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credits: Bella Club
Blog - What a wonderful Thursday!

What a wonderful Thursday!

by Bella Club

Coming right before the most delicious day of the week, Thursdays could only be amazing! Just like hottie Elenara Trindade , who stars today´s blog with two simple wishes:

a) that you will never forget her
b) and that you have an amazing day!

The amazing day has already started. How about granting her first wish by  clicking here and seeing her photo shoot all over again?
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Guarantee a free membership for February!

Guarantee a free membership for February!

by Bella Club

There is still time to interact a lot and guarantee your Bella Club membership for the next month. You comment, share, exchange opinions and bring interesting suggestions, making our social media alive and full of energy. That´s why we couldn´t leave that aside and just felt we had to recognize your interaction in our fanpage.

Through the Top Fans app, we are going to give free monthly memberships to the first 5 fans of the hottest website on the net. The more you interact in our fanpage on Facebook , the bigger the chances of getting a 30-day access to all our content.

And what´s best: the memberships are going to be distributed to the top 5 fans every month. So in case you aren´t lucky now in February, don´t give up! Keep sharing, liking and commenting our posts so you have more and more chances to access Bella Club for free!

You´ve got a couple of days before January is over, so give it a try!

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Download our wallpapers!

Download our wallpapers!

by Bella Club

Cannot stop seeing the photos of stunning samba star Suelen Carvalho? Download one of the wallpapers and have all her beauty and sensuality right in front of you, at all times, teasing you as if there was no tomorrow...

Spending the day working in front of the screen with a brunette like her has become quite a joy, huh?! Oh, there´s the screensaver , too! Since it is Monday (again!), here is our sincere wishes so you have a week filled with dirty little moments.

credits: Getty Images
Blog - Two ideas for today

Two ideas for today

by Bella Club

Do you know what shakur means? Writer Gustavo Sana uses this Arabic word to develop the theme of his new article . In the name of an inspiring weekend, how about following the steps below?

1) click  here to read the new Cards on the Table text
2) click here  to see Suelen´s photo shoot, which aired today here in Bella Club

We put Suelen Carvalho´s photo shoot in second because it´ll certainly steal your heart for the rest of the day. That´s pretty obvious, huh?!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Bella Club in the social media

Bella Club in the social media

by Bella Club

Besides the websites in the US, UK, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey and Brazil, Bella Club is also present in some of the social media. Offers, curiosities and general Bella Club news are published daily in our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  Tumblr .

Click on the links above to follow us all around the net. You are welcome to contribute with critics and suggestions, and also leaving comments and interacting with our team. Come with us, our Bellas will love your presence!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Samba star in Bella Club

Samba star in Bella Club

by Bella Club

Can you imagine this chick dancing samba? Well, put your imagination to work! She is representing a samba group in Brazil called Mocidade this year, and after seeing her in Bella Club it is going to be impossible to ignore her during the Brazilian Carnival!

At 25 Suelen Carvalho says there are some days in which she wakes up feeling ugly. We cannot believe she´s telling the truth, though. Her best spot, in her opinion, is her derrière. It gets special attention in her weight lifting routine – as if it were possible to make it even better...

We know how hard it is to keep focused before such a pretty brunette. So the best thing to do now is be quiet and pay attention to our calendar (and to her photo!): she arrives this Friday, the 25th. A great preview for the Carnival, don´t you think?

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Sayonara!


by Bella Club

Since we have been talking about Japan and its beauties, here is an inspiration for this Tuesday. Her name is typical: Sayonara . The blonde was born in Olinda (Brazil), though, and her eyes are complimentary to her perfect curves.

You still haven´t seen what she has to show? What are you waiting for?  Click here  and see her amazing photo shoot?
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Come quick, Friday!

Come quick, Friday!

by Bella Club

It is still Monday and, to send away those Monday blues, we came here to offer you the picture above. She is the model who is coming to brighten our day this Friday. So prepare yourself. On Friday, besides putting that beer into the fridge, remember to come back here to see the photo shoot of this spectacular brunette.

Meanwhile, here´s to you!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Look who is coming to Bella Club

Look who is coming to Bella Club

by Bella Club

A toast to what we´ll be seeing in many other angles next week. The team involved in the stunning brunette´s photo shoot guarantees: it isn´t only her derrière which is amazing! After an image like this, it´s become easy to enjoy the weekend. Right?
credits: Getty Images
Blog - It is about time you changed certain habits

It is about time you changed certain habits

by Bella Club

How about using the start of the year to your benefit? Author Mariana Goulart gives interesting ideas which not only will spice things up in your routine, but it´ll also make the people around you happier.

Click here to read what can be done to change your routine and see how simple it is to reach some of the new year´s resolutions.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Models from Bella Club on Big Brother

Models from Bella Club on Big Brother

by Bella Club

Whether you watch it or not, it is a fact. Bella Club has been, for some of the models, a helping hand for their participations in Brazilian reality shows. In Big Brother Brazil, for example, besides pretty  Natalia Casassola (who was in its 8th edition and is now back to its 13th), other pretty ladies have already been there - and done that!

Blonde bombshell Manuela Saadeh has left all Brazilian men drooling with her amazing body during BB´s 2nd edition. She has also posed for the lenses of our photographers and you can now click on her name to see the 20 special sections all dedicated to her.

Another hot blonde who has been both in Big Brother and Bella Club is stunning Tathy Rio. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she has impressed our team and got as much as 22 sections of pictures.

Besides them both, last edition´s biggest winner has also shown her best attributes around here. Maria Melilo little by little conquered her space and got the prize in 2011. The pictures she´s done to Bella Club have unfortunately been removed from air for contractual reasons.

credits: Bella da Semana
Blog - A bit more about Patricia

A bit more about Patricia

by Bella da Semana

You have drooled enough with the pictures of stunning  Patricia Ykko , the model who starred in Bella Club early today. Besides being very pretty, the Japanese descendant is smart, funny and amazingly hot.

What we still haven´t told you is that she thinks it easier dealing with men other than women. ´Men are funnier. Besides, I always like being taken care of.´ Patricia dreams about visiting Africa in search of personal growth. She also says she would never be with someone she did not admire.

For her, ´sex is amazing, essential and compulsory.´ And do you know when she feels the sexiest? When she´s naked - and that´s something we can notice in the pictures which are currently published. Do you know what´s best? While posing for our lenses, she revealed she had been thinking of her fans [you!] all the time. To retribute the kind gesture, how about seeing how beautiful she is  all over again?
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Time forward, please!

Time forward, please!

by Bella Club

I know, you have never wished so hard the weekend would fly by. Come quick, Monday!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - The hottest Japanese in Brazil!

The hottest Japanese in Brazil!

by Bella Club

Oh, the fetiche for Oriental chicks! The year has started really well in Bella Club, which next Monday, the 14th, brings the photo shoot of the nice lady from the image above.

What you see there is a result of a Japanese father and an Italian mother. Who could tell such mixture could work so well! Our model, Patricia Ykko, is 19 years old and was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Her characteristic eyes and the preference for Oriental cuisine represent her father’s side, while her voluptuous body and sexiness come from the Italian blood. She has her own personality, though, just like any pretty Brazilian babe: Patricia loves being naked, says sex is amazing and has already kissed another woman. What an amazing combo!

Stay tuned! The photo shoot of the hottest Japanese in Brazil airs this Monday, January 14th.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Bella Club model returns to Big Brother

Bella Club model returns to Big Brother

by Bella Club

The 13th edition of Big Brother Brazil has started this week and, along with it, the reality show has brought very good news. The model and TV presenter Natalia Casassola, who is 27 years old, has coma back to the most watched house in the country after being among the 3 finalists in the 8th edition of the reality show.

And it is not only on TV that the hottie is successfull. In the beginning of her career, the blue-eyed blonde photographed to Bella Club and left the male audience begging for more with her Lolita style pictures. In them, Natalia wore tiny little pieces of clothing and even got a little dirty with chocolate filling.

Want to see her? Click here and see why the guys in the house are crazy about her!

credits: Bella Club
Blog - The smaller the feet...

The smaller the feet...

by Bella Club

The model who is about to star here in Bella Club is a wonderful mix! Part of her ancestry comes from a country where feet are highly valued. There, the smaller the size of the woman´s feet, the most beautiful she is considered. Some take extreme measures in order to be seen as pretty and wear tiny shoes so their feet won´t over grow.

Our beauty did nothing of that, owns cute little feet and is probably going to be the foot-lovers favorite. People who love other parts of a lady´s body are also going to fall in love with her, for all her package is worth it!

Keep your eyes open! The muse who is coming this way is spectacular!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Congrats to our December top fans!

Congrats to our December top fans!

by Bella Club

The 5 guys below were the ones who, according to Top Fans, interacted the most on our Facebook page throughout December. Each one of them has guaranteed free access to the website for the next 30 days, simply because they have liked, shared and commented the content we posted on Facebook.

Congrats to you all!
. Blacky Zagondjia
. Antonio Bandeiras.
. Joe Ilotti
. Dante Nero
. Omar Ferre

And the offer is still on! If you could not win your membership this month, keep trying. Interact on our page so you have more chances to access all our restricted content for free! The more you interact, the bigger the chances of getting a free membership the next month. Start now!

credits: Bella Club
Blog - The year´s first photo shoot

The year´s first photo shoot

by Bella Club

We cannot believe you still haven´t seen the first photo shoot of the year, with lovely red-haired Thais Dornelles ! Now that you´ve checked the most important e-mail messages, how about grabbing a cup of coffee and clicking here  to see the 28 year-old model feeling comfy to the lenses of Walmor de Oliveira?
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Wish you were here!

Wish you were here!

by Bella Club

There is the red-haired who caught your attention in the picture we posted here some time ago showing the photo shoot live from Brazil. Thais is from the South of the country - certainly the gorgeous women natural habitat!

Besides being a model, Thais Dornelles works in events. There is something else she enjoys doing, though: sleeping. ´The best time of the day is sleeping time. Bliss!´ By the way, the preferred position for the nap is facedown. If she´s wearing tiny panties, it´s even better! C"mon, Thais, now it´s hard to focus at work!

Her photo shoot airs tomorrow, January 3rd. Keep both eyes open for here. Well, now you´ll excuse us... we have to go. We cannot stop thinking about her lying in bed, ready to sleep. Enjoy the weekend! May it be amazing, just as our model.

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