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Subscriber André wrote on A sua poção mágica pós-carnaval:
Excelente notícia! foi um dos meus ensaios favoritos do ano passado, e novas fotos dela são sempre bem-vindas!
Subscriber Sergio Rodrigues wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Volta, Suely!
horacio wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Podrian hacer nuevos ensayos con modelos antiguas como Sibele Zibetti. Saludos
Luis Fischer wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Me incluo na lista de fãs da Suely Pedroso!! Um novo ensaio se faz urgente e necessário para que possamos novamente apreciar a beleza desta modelo do Bella
I like this wrote on Celebrate Carnival with us!:
Subscriber Sidney wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
TRagam ela de volta por favor
João wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
A modelo mais linda do Bella. Merece um novo ensaio. Perfeita.
Subscriber Diego wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Verdade! Essa é uma das grandes musas do Bella, e também acho que já passou da hora de trazerem um ensaio novo e mais ousado dela!!! Escuta aí equipe do Bella, tá todo pedindo!!!
Alexsander wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Bom dia....essa dai eh uma modelo que poderia voltar ao bella da semana nao eh mesmo ? Agora nessa fase ousada do bella e nos brindar com um novissimo e atual ensaio...seria otimo... Suely Pedroso merece um ensaio novo nessa nova fase do bella...que tal ?
Subscriber Thiago Souza wrote on Tem modelo pronta para a folia!:
Tragam ela de novo hein!! Já passou da hora!
Subscriber Luis wrote on Ela é puro pecado:
Bella da semana! Do mês! Do ano! Do século! Do milênio!!!
Subscriber Luis wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Magra, longilínea, seios siliconados mas sem exagero, e bunda maravilhosa
Ale wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
O segundo vídeo é um dos melhores que assisti aqui no Bella.
As mais protegidas wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
Subscriber Rogerio Mauro wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Maravilhosa!!!! Seu corpo é um poema!!!!!!!
Raul Fernando Dreher wrote on Siga o Bella nas redes sociais:
Conheço e acompanho o Site, acho q desde quando foi lançado no Terra!
Subscriber João Francisco Furtado wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
ousadia como a Beatriz Aguiar de 18; é oq espero de vcs e esta gatíssima loira!
Subscriber Claudio H M wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
A mais linda de 2017. Minha lista de "as mais lindas do bella" recebeu outro nome: Fernanda Liberato. Agora a Lista tem, alem da Fernandinha, Katlen Oliveira, Nalu Kasmierski, Manu Muniz, Emiliana Agacci e Patricia Berlanda.
Subscriber Jose Antonio de Angelis wrote on Veja como foi o ensaio ao vivo desta terça:
muitas fotos dos pés por favor
Subscriber Ricardo wrote on Nosso voto é para que ela fique!:
Mas que mulher maravilhosa!!! Bunda perfeita!!! Essa mulher toda é um ode a beleza feminina!!! Que venham mais ensaios dessa deusa!!!
Blog: An angel in Bella Club
Bella Club
by Bella Club

An angel in Bella Club

She’s the typical daddy’s girl: perfect in everything! With her angelical features, she cycles around the coast in the city where she lives in order to keep fit, she studies to become a lawyer, and sleeps surrounded by teddy bears so she won’t feel lonely.

You can’t miss Bella Club’s new photo shoot! Our new Lolita arrives on Wednesday, August 3. You’ll fall in love with her!


Blog: The bright side of life
Bella Club
by Bella Club

The bright side of life

Some people wait for Friday in a bad mood, complaining with an ugly face. And some people do as Amanda Maquellen... Don't you think we should see life optimistically? Click here to see the bright side of it.


Blog: See the live photo shoot now!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

See the live photo shoot now!

As you already know, today's live photo shoot day in Bella Club. We'll be posting photos and videos in real time here in our blog and also in our social media throughout the day. Stay tuned so you won't miss any details:

Facebook: /bellaclub
Snapchat: /belladasemana
Instagram: @belladasemanaoficial
Twitter: /bellaclub
Google +: +bellaclub

Bella Club - the best excuse to check the social media!

Blog: Live photo shoot this Thursday!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Live photo shoot this Thursday!

Two great news in one day: the release of Katlen Oliveira's photo shoot's part 2 (click here if you still haven't seen it), and tomorrow's live photo shoot. We'll be posting photos and videos in real time here in our blog and also in our social media throughout the day. Stay tuned so you won't miss any details:

Facebook: /bellaclub
Snapchat: /belladasemana
Instagram: @belladasemanaoficial
Twitter: /bellaclub
Google +: +bellaclub

Bella Club - the best excuse to check the social media!


Blog: Mercedes presents its “green hell”
by Bella Club

Mercedes presents its “green hell”

Mercedes’ latest car is exclusive in many ways - starting by its color: green. Besides, it is possible that it has only 2.000 units produced, and the performance numbers are impressive. Named AMG GT R, the spaceship has a V8 4.0 biturbo engine with 585 horsepower (75 hp more than the previous GT S).

If compared to the previous version, the car is 90 kg lighter, which contributes to the 3.5 seconds until it reaches 100 km/h. Its maximum speed? Impressive 318 km/h! Its price still has not been released, and its production should start soon, in early 2017.

How much do you like this car?


Blog: Our blonde hurricane is back!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Our blonde hurricane is back!

News on hurricanes are usually bad - but we guarantee this one is a good one! Our blonde hurricane, Katlen Oliveira, is due back in Bella Club this Wednesday, with even hotter photos. The babe, who's pure bliss, has a lot to show you through pictures in which she appears naked in garden, and wet by the pool.

Blog: Can you tell us her name?
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Can you tell us her name?

Next week's model has lots of everything! Lots of bum, lots of breasts, lots of her long, blonde hair, lots of green in her piercing eyes, lots of tan lines, and lots of beauty, obviously. Observe the photo above, and answer this: do you know the name of the model who returns to Bella Club on Wednesday? We're sure most people will get this right.


Blog: Know more about Cava
by Bella Club

Know more about Cava

Always linked to parties or celebrations, this liquid bliss, a passion of all, conquers more and more space around the world. Nowhere behind the French wines, the Spanish variety (not only produced in Cataluña) has reached the most remote corners of the planet.

Anniversaries, birthdays, sports events, romance… Any excuse is a good one to open a bottle filled with sparkles. The drink is perfect to have with fish and seafood, lighter dishes that make the perfect wedding with this amazing wine – a mixture of tradition and modernity, of joy and illusion. We can’t deny that, in certain moments, it can actually become the best partner during a sexy evening.

Know more about the Spanish sparkling wine here.


Blog: Marilyn Monroe’s last photos
George Barris
by Bella Club

Marilyn Monroe’s last photos

These are some of Marilyn Monroe’s photos that were taken only three weeks before her death, when  one of the world’s most iconic sex symbols was only 36 years old. The scenes were captured by George Barris, a photographer and the actress’ personal friend, in Santa Monica beach, California, in 1962.

Over 50 years later, on this year’s 4th of July, eight of these photos were auctioned in London, UK. If you could pick one for yourself, which would it be?


Blog: CEO Alexandre Peccin answers
Bella Club
by Bella Club

CEO Alexandre Peccin answers

Hi! I’m glad that the latest model pleased the vast majority of you.

I read 100% of the blog comments and e-mails send to us, and I guarantee that we’ll keep working hard to try and please all tastes – after all, each of us has our own beauty ideal.

I realize that some of you asked the reason why we have been releasing a lower number of photo sets. When we started releasing new material every Wednesday, we went from 3-4 photo shoots per month to 4-5 photo shoots published per month, which is quite an increase if compared to the number of shootings published monthly up until last year.

We have decreased the number of sets from 10 to 5-7 in each new release, but sometimes they can get to 8, 9 or 10. That hugely depends on the shooting, since some of the models offer us more to work with – both in photos and videos, and that delivers us more or less material. It all depends on their inspiration and experience in front of the cameras, really.

Photographing is not a perfect math, but we are working in order to deliver the best we can, hoping that the material we produce and offer is up to your expectations.

A few users suggest that we should show more, therefore our idea is to show our models’ beauty and sensuality – not her sexuality. Just in case we considered going down that road, besides abandoning our goal, I am sure 99% of the models who have photographed for Bella Club would have said no to the shooting.

I believe even the models some of you suggested would say no to Bella Club if the content were more explicit. That means less quality models. We are always bringing news and new technologies in a way that very few online magazines in the world do. We’ll keep doing that.

I hope to have answered some of your questions, and I would also like to let you know how important your opinion is in order for us to improve, always bearing in mind you are the one who must access the website with a smile on your face.


Blog: A Bella who likes her weed
Bella Club
by Bella Club

A Bella who likes her weed

The new Bella Club model is peculiar in several aspects. She was born in the United States, was photographed in California, and is quite famous on social media for being some kind of marijuana expert.

Sarah Jain, who many people say looks a bit like actress Jennifer Aniston, smokes medicinal weed, and has no trouble when it comes to defending that idea.

This woman has a lot to tell you! See what happened in yet another special job made by Australian photographer Adam Parsell this Wednesday, only in Bella Club.


Blog: This woman has a lot to tell you!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

This woman has a lot to tell you!

The next photo shoot of Bella Club brings quite a different model: an American blonde babe, photographed in California by Adam Parsell, who loves her medicinal weed. In order to get on this boat with her, be here next Wednesday. She’ll be waiting for you!


Blog: Good day to us all
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Good day to us all

Lovely Monique Helena is here to wish us all a very good day! Stay a while longer to see her photos, and then we let you follow today's schedule. Deal?


Blog: Want to see what else they did?
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Want to see what else they did?

Cousins Camila and Laísa enjoyed their time together in their Bella Club photo shoot. It didn't take long before things got hotter and they shared kisses, caressing, and scenes such as the one you see above. Do you know what's best? They would like to share all these moments with you. Stay tuned for seeing new photos and filmings for of these chicks tomorrow.


Blog: See all the available full HD videos
Bella Club
by Bella Club

See all the available full HD videos

As you already know, little by little we’ve been releasing videos of previous models in full HD. The 1920 x 1080 resolution offers more quality scenes and an infinity of details - everything you wanted for enjoying even more the photo shoots of some of the most beautiful Brazilian models.

See below a list of the photo shoots that already have their respective videos in full HD:

- Emiliana Agacci
- Camila and Laísa
- Katlen Oliveira
- Amanda Maquellen
- Tara Linaker
- Nalu Kasmierski
- Suelen Castro
- Vanessa Vailatti
- Rosane Cardoso
- Izabella Morales
- Manu Muniz
- Emanuela Albino
- Monique Helena
- Bárbara Gomes
- Cassiane Pires
- Cinthya Macchia
- Claudia Helena
- Dieimi Sherllon
- Juliana Costa
- Karoline Schwonke
- Kateryna Taylor
- Liziane Soares
- Thaís Pazeto
- Mariane Tarrafel
- Christimas 2015
- Amanda Sagaz
- Darline Carvalho
- Débora Soares
- Franciele Christ
- Franciele Christ - Christmas 2014
- Gabi Cardoso
- World Cup 2014
- Helga Lovekaty
- Ju Freitas
- Junia Cabral
- Alana Alexandrino
- Kemilly Stacy
- Christmas 2014
- Sabrina Hendler
- Sabrina Petrarca
- Suzana Kviatkoski
- Suzana Kviatkoski - Christmas 2014
- Thaís Wioppiold
- Ana Karoline
- Anielly Campos
- Ellen Sapori
- Franciele Perao
- Rafaela Didea
- Ana Quint
- Carol Muniz
- Carolina Gonçalves
- Fernanda Dadam

Access one by one between a break and other, and have a lovely day!

*list updated on 07/21/2016, @ 2 p.m.

Blog: They became better acquainted
Bella Club
by Bella Club

They became better acquainted

Remember cousins Camila and Laísa? Well, get ready, because on Wednesday next week they're back with the second part of the photo shoot - sharing kisses and affection. It's impossible to resist to these two babes!


Blog: Describe her in one word
Bella da Semana
by Bella da Semana

Describe her in one word

'Spectacular' is little to describe a woman like Steffani Prudencio. Can you describe her better, using only one word? The blue-eyed brunette, with her voluptuous breasts and fleshy lips takes us to an amazing trip with the 25 photo sets she has published in Bella Club. Click here to embark on this adventure!


Blog: Click here to know us better
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Click here to know us better

If you still don't know very well what Bella Club is about, and wishes to know a bit more about the content we offer, about how our videos, our models, and our photo shoots are like, access our Free Tour!

There's a full photo shoot available there, just so you can see what we're talking about. Take your time to see photo by photo, watch the behind-the-scenes video, and we'll be seeing eye-to-eye: Bella Club is worth subscribing to. One thing is certain: you'll want more than that teaser! To solve that, click here to subscribe, and see much more.

Bella Club - there's no comparison.

Blog: Have you seen the blue wine?
by Bella Club

Have you seen the blue wine?

You don’t have to be an expert to know that there are red, wand rosé wines. Well, things have changed a bit, and now you need to add another color to that list: the blue wine.

A real success in Europe, the blue drink is called GIK, and is a Spanish development which combines red and white grapes, without designation of origin. Its color obviously doesn’t come from the grapes, but from a mixture of the organic pigments of indigo and anthocyanin.

The creators are six young ones that decided to produce a blue wine simply because it’s different and fun. When asked ‘But why blue?’, they answer ‘Why not?’. Before the official release, they worked for two years, with the help of the University of the Basque Country and Food Tech.

GIK is vegan, doesn’t take sugar in its composition, has alcoholic strength similar to the regular wines (11.5%), and is in accordance to every standard demanded by the European Union. Way to go, guys!


Blog: Bella Club is all hers!
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Bella Club is all hers!

Stunning Patricia Jordane is the new Bella Club model. The 23-year-old, with her flashy lips and sexy eyes, follows a strict diet and trains hard in order to keep a body as hot as hers.

Put your imagination to work! The first part of her photo shoot will be published tomorrow, only here in Bella Club. We’ll be here waiting for you.


Blog: These guys won free memberships
Bella Club
by Bella Club

These guys won free memberships

You have joined the offer, creaded your folders, voted, and commented on your colleagues' folders in My Bella for the past weeks. Well, we have computed the most-voted albums, and made a special offers to all of the members using My Bella: the top three albums would get free Bella Club memberships.

Congratulations to all of you, especially to the three guys named above, who got free memberships to access one of the  Internet's hottest websites. Your respective free months have already been added to your current subscriptions. You can now enjoy your prize!

Still don't know what My Bella is about? Click here to know more.

Blog: Patricia Jordane is our new model
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Patricia Jordane is our new model

The new Bella Club model is a breathtaking brunette! Uninhibited, Patricia Jordane says she has no problems when it comes to being naked, and has been through all of her sexual fantasies. According to her, prejudice in the career starts “you are born pretty”. We need to recognize that if there’s something that’s definitely not missing there is beauty.

While we don’t release her photos, she sends a big kiss to all of her fans out here: “I would like to send a very special kiss to all members and to those who follow Bella Club. I hope you enjoy these photos. They were taken with lots of love, especially for you guys.”

Her photos will be released on Wednesday, in a debut that will make you drool. See you then!


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