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Alexandre wrote on Não existe bruxinha mais linda!:
O que acham de uma nova sessão de fotos mais ousadas com a Anna Lara Cim?
Subscriber Avascir Lima Aragao wrote on Ela tira tudo no ensaio!:
Hummm que gostosa
Subscriber General wrote on Ela tira tudo no ensaio!:
Subscriber Ramon wrote on She takes it all off on Wednesday:
love to see more of AMNADA SAGAZ please
Subscriber Ramon wrote on This is the hottest witch yet!:
Amanda Sagaz we need more photos and videos about her , please need part 3
Francisco wrote on Não existe bruxinha mais linda!:
Convidem alguma bailarina do Faustão, tipo Ju Valcezia.
Subscriber Douglas Mathias wrote on Teste de memória:
Por favor, Dalila kidermam e Lídia Barbieri de novo e NUAZINHAS.
Claudio Lopes wrote on Apoiamos o Outubro Rosa:
Só gatas o melhor site do Mundo
José Maria Almeida wrote on Teste de memória:
É a Lindissima Katlen oliveira Maravilhosa inesquecivel
Ankur Patel wrote on This is the hottest witch yet!:
Hey Bella Club I want to see Débora Soares again please thank you...
Marcos wrote on Não existe bruxinha mais linda!:
Essa foi mesmo uma das (várias) boas surpresas apresentadas pelo site nos últimos tempos. E o Claudio H M Goncalves está de parabéns pelo gosto, especialmente quanto às loiras. A Patricia Berlanda é maravilhosa e realmente mereceria um novo ensaio!
Subscriber Jorge Felix Sousa wrote on Não existe bruxinha mais linda!:
Boa tarde, senhores fotografos o photoshop está acvabando com o trabalho de voces
Subscriber Claudio H M Goncalves wrote on Não existe bruxinha mais linda!:
O Bella sempre nos presenteando com lindas gatas, a Jessamine Bonacorso é realmente linda demais. Que seios...o vontade! A safra recente trouxe beldades inesquecíveis, como as morenas Manu Muniz e Emiliana Agacci. E as louraças Nalu Kasmierski e Katlen Oliveira. Todas merecem bis! Mas a gata que desejo ver novamente é a Patricia Berlanda, que pernas, que bumbum, que boca
Subscriber General wrote on Não existe bruxinha mais linda!:
Marcos wrote on Teste de memória:
É a maravilhosa e inconfundível Katlen Oliveira, outra que merecia um repeteco!
Subscriber Gabriel wrote on Não existe bruxinha mais linda!:
q bruxinha mais gostosa cara !!
Alexandre Gomes wrote on Teste de memória:
Katlen Oliveira a loira deliciosa que merece muito ensaios no site bella da semana.
Subscriber Jorge de Jesus Matos wrote on Teste de memória:
Especial de Natal com Patricia Jordani, Vanessa Vailatti e Emiliana Agacci, seria um espetáculo .
Subscriber General wrote on Você vai morrer de amores por ela!:
Marcos wrote on Você vai morrer de amores por ela!:
Ufa... esse ensaio me deixou praticamente sem palavras, mas ainda assim vou tentar escrever. Que espetáculo de mulher essa Priscilla Guimarães! Mulherão sensacional, cativante, linda em todos os detalhes! Que seios maravilhosos, e naturais (aleluia, irmãos)! O ensaio realmente ficou excelente em todos os sentidos, e o vídeo ficou mesmo espetacular! Concordo muito com a sugestão do Leonardo Bruni, uma ferramenta que nos possibilitasse avaliar os ensaios seria muito bem-vinda, até para vocês conhecerem melhor o gosto dos assinantes! É algo muito popular, ao menos nos sites concorrentes estrangeiros. Inclusive esta seria uma ótima hora para lançar tal ferramenta, pois aposto que já estrearia com muitas notas 10 para este ensaio (o meu está garantido!)... Aproveitando, também acho que seria muito interessante que fosse disponibilizado, talvez junto ao "perfil" da modelo, a data em que foi feito o ensaio. Ainda, me parece que já passou da hora de termos a possibilidade de fazer o download do ensaio completo, além do vídeo. Porque não? Facilitaria muito a nossa vida e é outra coisa já disponibilizada em outros sites a muito tempo. Mas, voltando a este ensaio da Priscilla, parabéns, parabéns e parabéns a ela, ao site e a todos os envolvidos!
Blog: A less than scary Halloween
Bella Club
by Bella Club

A less than scary Halloween

When her photo shoot aired on Bella Club, we were sure it would be a success. Many of you commented and asked for more. It is a pleasure to say we embraced your wish and we´ll have bonus pictures of babe Francielle Evangelista  from Halloween Monday.

The brunette is 24 years old and works as a model since she was 15. Besides impressing the male audience with her sculptural body, she also has a very strong personality. The chick says she always gets what she wants and that "I do anything I want, when I want it, no matter who´s watching me." For her, the ideal moment involves music, nature and true friends.

As if that wasn´t enough, our Bella still fights muay thai, loves drinkig a cold pint of beer and listens to surf music and reggae. Don´t you think she is the perfect model to scare all the witches this Halloween? Come back here fearless for her bonus pictures next Monday. She´ll be waiting for you...
Blog: The happiest time of the year
Bella Club
by Bella Club

The happiest time of the year

This year"s Bella Club Christmas Special photo shoot is being produced this week by our team. We can barely wait to reveal who are the models who will make your December even spicier. What we can tell you right now, though, is that this X-mas is going to be celebrated in the company of two of our Bellas - a blonde one and a brunette - who will bring three great gifts for you: two single photo shoots and a photo shoot of them posing together.

This picture isn"t from this year"s X-mas special, but it"ll certainly inspire you to answer the question: who do you think will bring more fun to Christmas this year?

Blog: More pictures of this babe
Bella Club
by Bella Club

More pictures of this babe

We´ll soon have new pictures of this babe here on Bella Club. She fights muay-thai and sleeps in her panties... Do you know who she is?
Blog: Pretty and intense
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Pretty and intense

This is the preciosity who"ll be waiting for you here on Bella Club tomorrow. Mid-week blues? Never again, pal!
Blog: A Bella for all tastes
Bella da Semana
by Bella da Semana

A Bella for all tastes

The new Bella Club model is blonde, pretty and soooo eccentric! At the same time she has pink as her favourite color and some naïveté on her personality, Fernanda also has Metallica, Guns n’Roses and Ozzy Osbourne as her fave bands and singer.

Our Bella wouldn’t refuse a trip to Disneyland – look her girly portion there again! But romance isn’t with her. She says that, when she’s in love, she prefers acting with her brain instead of making decisions based on her heart.

Besides all that, this lovely chick wants to become a Nutritionist and to keep all her curves close to perfection Fernanda opts for weight training sessions and healthy habits.

Impressed? This is just the beginning of a photo shoot filled with sexiness, charm and class. We’re only two days from getting to know her better. Her pictures will be available here on Bella Club from Wednesday, 19th. See you then!
Blog: Look who is coming...
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Look who is coming...

Well well well... look who is coming to Bella Club on the following week. Director Alexandre Peccin checks all the attributes of the blonde who is certainly going to charm us all with her naive face, her lovely eyes and her hot body - which is all but innocent!

Fernanda´s photo shoot airs next week. While the date doesn´t come, we promise to brighten your days with some previews of what´s to come. Here´s the first one. Have a nice day!
Blog: Yet another soccer babe
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Yet another soccer babe

Besides lovely Tassiana Dunamis (soccer babe of a Brazilian team called Palmeiras) and bombshell Alice Ramos (soccer babe of Cruzeiro), there is yet another one of the Bella Club models who inspires a soccer team in Brazil. This time the muse is stunning Dalila Kindermmann  - an inspiration for the guys who play for Coritiba.

Here on Bella Club the blondie has charmed the male audience with her piercing green eyes, her cute little face and, of course, her amazing curves. Dalila believes everything in life is temporary and tries to enjoy every day as if it were the last.  "When this is all over, do not complain because it"s over. Be happy you had the chance to live it. That is why I have been trying to enjoy my youth and my beauty. I know some day this will all end..."

Based on the photo shoot she`s done to Bella Club, we`re not sure this is ever going to end... but ok. Click here  to see her and let us know your opinion once you`re done!
Blog: Soccer babe
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Soccer babe

Brazilian babe Alice Ramos has shown all her best features with the photo shoot she"s done for Bella Club and now she hypnotises men as the muse of Brazilian soccer team Cruzeiro. The model says her favorite player is Roger and she usually watches the matches at home.

But it isn"t only soccer which makes her heart grow fonder. Perfume collector, the blondie is a perfectionist and loves reading!

Curious?  Click here to see her photo shoot here on Bella Club and get inspired for the start of yet another week!
Blog: After a stressful day...
Getty Images
by Bella da Semana

After a stressful day...

Bella Club"s last poll asked you about the things you prefer doing to relax after a stressful day. Here"s what we"ve got:

Most of you, 22,4%, said the best thing after undergoing stress at work is turning on the TV once you"re home. A long hot shower came pretty close and scored the second place in our poll, with 22%.

A cool beer is also one of the favorites of our voters when it comes to relaxing, with a bit over 20% of your clicks. With 18,6% is dinner with a hot chick, followed by reading something interesting, with 10%. Last but not least is going out with the lads, which scored a bit over 6% of the votes.

We thank you for your time and participation. Have a great weekend and oh! Come and see Sharon"s photo shoot - it airs today!

Blog: This brunette is asking for you...
Bella Club
by Bella Club

This brunette is asking for you...

The new Bella Club model is much more than just sexy. Besides all her charms and a perfect body, Sharon also has a tomboy side. Born in the extreme South of Brazil, she loves rollerblading  - but don’t you worry! Her feminine personality is also present: she says foreplay is compulsory no matter what!

In her opinion, sex is 90% in a relationship and keeping the TV on while at it is a big turn off for our girl. Sharon remembers her first kiss, but she tells us she didn’t quite like it. ´It was too wet!´

Oh, her photo shoot? It’ll be available on the website from Friday, the 7th. The perfect tailgate for the weekend, don’t you think?

Blog: Cheering for Friday
Bella Club
by Bella Club

Cheering for Friday

Our team here cannot stop staring at her. That is why we thought it would be only fair to share the joy with you. Here´s another picture of the model who will make temperatures rise from this Friday, 7th.

The week has barely started and we´re already hoping it flies by! What about you? What do you think of our new jewel?

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