What I’ve learned with them In my case, three guys have taught me to actually see through these secrets, and that was when I learned to make a difference: Tony Montana, Don Corleone, and William Wallace. Good is having courage The world is filled with false demagogy, and it looks like it has fallen back in the way of thinking. People talk too much, and do nothing. People say lovely things, but when it comes to going for it, they freeze. Up to the most Truth is, there is no right or wrong in this world. What exists is our own judgement, and the judgement from others – that in many cases we are conditioned to accept. After all, up to what point do my acts matter to others? 60 lessons we learn in life The writer who now talks to you is about to turn 30 and, looking back, he realizes he has learn lots of interesting stuff along the way. The list of the 60 lessons I have learned during these past 30 years of existence is below. See if you agree with it: Permission to evolve I have gone through many things in life from which I can personally conclude the following: Faith doesn´t move mountains. Hope is a useful word only for those who keep waiting for something to happen. Reality is different from reverie. Want nothing warm Go for it or give up, do not just stand there in the middle of the way. That is valid to everything... work, love, war, life... Whenever you are, please have a posture, an opinion, a personality of your own, conviction in yourself. Since the world is still alive... People are saying it is a new phase, that a new ideal was born. I don´t believe that. Each day is a chance to start over and realize we do not have to wait for the end of the world, the year or the month in order to start something new. May it last until it lasts Would there be a perfect one for you in a six-billion people world? I believe there may be and there may not be. We all want someone to spend our lives with. People want someone who makes their heart skip a beat. Needy me! Needy! This word is responsible for lots of trouble in the relationships´ world nowadays. Why is that, I ask? I guess it is all due to the simple fact that many people try to feed their own needs by using other people. Sex, love and respect I have always heard that the gentleman attitudes are far from this world. I hear people saying that this gentleness concept which makes men open the car door to the lady, for example, has become rare nowadays. But how about the lady? Live truly! Men and women complement each other but will never really understand each other fully. I say that because... well, it is pretty obvious, isn´t it? There are lots of differences among us and we could list them here all day! Luck is all around you Not one person in the whole world is after an earthquake or would like being run over by a car, for example. Not everything you think about happens the way you would like it to happen. That would be too easy!

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