Max around the world Crafts of love At night, take care of your lover’s dream, do not allow nightmares to come closer to her, nor fears. In order to do that, just pay attention, hug her tightly, whisper love words in her ear. Fashion Fashion trends for the next months New looks are out there, embracing the streets and conquering our hearts. If you’re thinking about upgrading your closet and bringing new pieces to your daily routine, pay attention to the trends for the next few months. Mantips Business and friends don’t mix Blood isn’t always thicker than water. Friends and family might as well be awesome people for a bunch of occasions, but when it comes to your job, the best is to treat them as if they were someone else completely. What Women Want Technology in excess Life online has been pretty busy – and not only relationship-wise. It seems the social media has become a huge menu – of clothing, services, supplementation and lifestyle in general, where everything is for sale. Sommelier Red wine varieties With hundreds of varieties of red wine grapes, there is as much red wine information to learn about as there are red grapes planted in all corners of the globe. For a quick and easy red wine 101, the following will fit the bill. Mantips Play with the cards you’re given Life is full of surprises, and we can’t control everything around us - even though some of us keep trying. The truth is that things happen. Good and bad. The secret lies in knowing how to play with what we’re offered. Exotic Destination The world’s smallest countries There are 196 countries in the world. Only 24 of them has land area less than 1000 square kilometers. Some of these small countries are smaller than cities like New York, Tokyo, Chicago and Atlanta. Personal Trainer Which’s the best exercise for me? Is there an activity ideal for all? We all ask that question before we start exercising. Some already have some experience when it comes to exercising, but are still confused with the information available out there. Mantips Always work in teams There are many people out there who think they can embrace the world and doing everything on their own instead of delegating functions to specialists in each of the fields. Needless to say that’s very old-fashioned, right?! Dating Why do women cheat? We’re going to make an unpretentious mathematical account that can reveal you an unpleasant surprise. If you’ve been in three or more serious relationships, chances are you have been cheated on in some occasion. Max around the world Love Vinícius’ poems, French music, tiny messages on scented paper, even an attempt at a poorly rhymed and poorly written poem. Love stuff, would say the closest friends and the poker group. “That’s madness!” Mantips Perfection may never exist Sometimes we try to improve something so much, that it seems it’ll never be ready. It’s like when we keep waiting for the right moment, only to realize that we might never be totally ready for some things. Fashion Try a vest for once, would you? Previously exclusive to the sporty ones, the vest may be this year’s most highlighted clothing item. Available in several brands, it's a versatile item which can be worn from your business meeting to happy hour. What Women Want How’s your social etiquette going? I can assume that you probably thought we were going to talk about an old subject. But I’m not here today to speak about how you should behave in business meetings. I’m here talking about the social media. Mantips Work colleagues: choose them wisely You can in fact be the guy who gets the highest payment, but no salary is worth the hassle of having to work with people you can’t stand. Exotic Destination Between luxury and the environment These are difficult times for the environment. Notwithstanding, a few years ago a few good ideas were discovered, ideas that move on the opposite path of massification and lack of concern for the conservation of the environment.

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