Dating The ménage à trois fantasy You can’t simply convince someone to like the ménage-à-trois-fetish by coming up with the brilliant idea of a threesome – especially NOT during the act. The thing is: it’s not the lack of willing or curiosity that make women say no to a third pers Sommelier Wines with altitude We’ve all heard winemakers and salespeople proclaim certain bottles to be unique thanks to their “spectacular, high elevation” vineyard sites, but what exactly does “high elevation” mean when it comes to finished wine? Personal Trainer Health goes beyond aesthetics Many people come to us and ask: What should I do to have a beach body? Our answer to that is quite straightforward: have a body, go to the beach! You need to follow routines that make you happy. In other words, routines that respect your possibilities and Mantips Attention to your agreements Doing things in a hurry, without the necessary attention has never been the right way to close a deal. A well-written agreement, without any chances for loopholes or information between the lines, may be the best way to avoid problems in the future. Stephany Men and games: winning or losing? The room went silent. She took her white dress off, revealing a sexy lingerie under it, covering her angel skin. Her panties were tiny, the tights were thin, the bra was tight, barely covering her voluptuous breasts. Exotic Destination Lapland: straight to the Aurora Borealis The last years have been wonderful to see the Aurora Borealis. The solar activity is in its peak, and generates geomagnetic reactions that form the beautiful view. It’s possible to see Aurora Borealis in Finland’s Northwest region. Fashion Men's style predictions for 2017 The only way to truly stay ahead of a trend is to predict it. We've gotten ahead of the curve and outlined some of the hottest styles you'll see blowing up this year. Here are our best predictions for the trends that will live and die in the new year. Mantips Experience is mandatory There’s no use if you own the world’s most advanced technologies, if there isn’t anyone capable of operating it. The same happens with a company with the best infrastructure, therefore no experienced staff to make responsible use of it. What Women Want For a more optimistic year After a turbulent year, filled with political surprises, people start to bet in a whole new year, with new goals and plans. But we all know that a digit isn’t capable of changing all that’s bad in the blink of an eye. Dating How to become her life’s best sex We gathered 20 scientific tricks for you to become her best man in bed. After that, we can assure you that she won’t take long before going to her friends to talk about you and your magic hands, tongue, mouth… Mantips Embrace all opportunities We need to leave all doors and windows wide open, as well as our eyes, in order to embrace all the chances life gives us. On the contrary, regret is a certain guest - and it is never pretty. Jet Set A real time earpiece translator Can you imagine speaking and understanding 5 distinct languages without any effort? Well, now you can! The Pilot Translation Kit is an automatic translator which makes the oral communication between two people much easier. Personal Trainer Careful while exercising in the sun Going outdoors is, most times, much more exciting than spending time inside. On the other hand, exercising outside requires extra care, since the combination of physical activities and the heat can become quite dangerous. Mantips Power over money? Smart are those who create the rules, not necessarily who owns the money. What do you think about that? Read in this week’s Mantips what is Aleksandar Mandic’s opinion regarding the business world. Fashion What to wear when... We are many times in doubt about which pieces of clothing are appropriate for some more specific places. Can we wear shorts to informal parties? Can we go to work wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt? What Women Want Life is made of excuses I’ve been in the phase of excuses. My 4-year-old is a very energetic child, and I need to have some excuses at the tip of my tongue when I need to say no to people I’m not very close to.

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