BellaClub presents   Karuliny Malta - See the second part of her photo shoot! Karuliny Malta - See the second part of her photo shoot!She’s another great Bella Club discovery: the granddaughter of a Brazilian Indian, with glowing tanned skin, who uses her eyes to communicate all of her feelings. Karuliny Malta is the kind of woman who believes in a better world, and who does not give up her goals. Her photo shoot is the real proof that life can be wonderful, no matter what. She’s 22 years old, and presents a photo shoot that has a lot to do with her: amidst nature, including wet clothes, tan lines, flowers, and cactuses.

 Jéssica Guimarães Jéssica Guimarães

 Patricia Jordane Patricia Jordane

It's the end of the month again, and amidst all the rush we sometimes forget a little bit of fun is mandatory. We're here today to invite you to slow down for a few minutes, click here, and see the 26 photo sets Jocasta Doyle has in Bella Club. After all, time flies, and we need to know how to make the most of it.  Blog Let her take the lead

The new Bella Club model is international – and amazing! Polish natural Phyona Macy lives in the States, and now show what she’s got to all subscribers. She, who’s a delicious cultural mix, proves that it doesn’t matter which language you speak – this is a typical case of the saying that says an image is worth more than thousand words.No matter if you speak English, Portuguese, Polish... just make sure you visit the world of Phyona! The photos will be available on Wednesday.  Blog Get to know her better

The new Bella Club photo shoot comes all the way from Hollywood Hills, California, and show an exuberant blonde in images made by acclaimed photographer Adam Parsell. Write it down so you won’t miss it: the photos will be released on Wednesday, August 31. Blog Hollywood style

She's done a lot in Brazilian television these past years, including her work as a ring girl, and her own reality show. Pretty babe Sabrina Petrarca deserves a visit, don't you agree? I have tried to show some of my personality with these photos, I created more daring looks, I pretended to be a character to compose the scenes, I added some Pilates moves in a few pictures.[Sabrina on her photos to Bella Club]  Blog Enter Sabrina's fantastic world

Situated between the gigantic Russia and China, this vast land reserves intact its millennial air and traditions. Ulan Bator is its capital city, where there are approximately a third of its population. Exotic Destination In the end of the world, Mongolia

Sometimes the key to success if right in front of us, and we can't see it because we're conditioned to thinking the same way at all times, leaving no space for making it differently. Mantips Let the imagination flow

Health, hypertrophy, or weight loss – what’s your goal when you train? Would you like to know the real truth? It doesn’t matter because you’ll need to gain muscle mass in order to reach any of those goals. Personal Trainer Health, hypertrophy, or weight loss?


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