BellaClub presents   Jessamine Bonacorso - A strong, determined, brave, HOT woman! Jessamine Bonacorso - A strong, determined, brave, HOT woman!Eclectic, smart, interesting, and beautiful! The new Bella Club model is a true example of resilience, determination and strength. When she was 21, Jessamine Bonacorso left her family’s home and went after personal improvement and professional growth. She, who changes the color of her hair every week, works as a hairstylist and make-up artist, and makes sure she’s following all the most recent trends to please her customers. She could use the 12-hour work schedule as an excuse for not exercising, but she’s much more than that. “I’m a responsible woman. I work, I study, I rarely go out, and I love going for a run on the beach on Sundays”, reveals the brave, determined woman – characteristics which intimidate many men out there. We could spend days talking about this special girl, but we would rather guide you towards a personal, unique experience. See the photos, observe the video, read the interview… let yourself be taken by the magic within her, and enjoy your trip!

 Barbara Fontenelle Barbara Fontenelle

 Thaís Geliski Thaís Geliski

The new Bella Club model has such a beautiful behind that she represents the Brazilian State of Goias in a national beauty contest dedicated to them – the country’s most stunning bums!As if this wasn’t enough, this new photo shoot also reveals other delicious portions of the babe’s body. Showing strong muscles and well-kept curves due to the heavy training sessions, Priscila combines weightlifting with a healthy diet in order to reach her personal goals, and get good grades on the fitness competitions.Would you like to know more? Keep your eyes on the website! The photo shoot, and all the steaminess of our new model will be around here on Wednesday next week, October 5th.  Blog Here’s amazing-bum lady

Just released!! Our last 360º video!! Our latest 360º video features the stunning Bella model Barbara.Simply drag the mouse on the video to choose the camera´s angle or if you're on your smartphone, just move the phone from side to side, in the direction you desire to see the model!You can watch our 360º videos on all browsers (apart from Safari) or via the Facebook app!Video 1: 2: 3: a member yet?Sign up to get full access to all our models, as well as being the first to receive our latest news alerts! Do not miss out on this one! Watching it is easy. Blog The last 360° video of Barbara.

This month's Musical Shot text talks about a pretty vast subject: music's greatest idols. The biggest of all times, who was it for you? Which name do you choose to represent your taste in music?Author Nanda Coelho discusses about her preferences in this text, basically considering the pop stars - current and old. Click here to read her opinion about it, and remember to share yours with us!  Blog Who is your greatest music idol?

Today we'll be posting photos and videos of the photo shoot being made live for the website. In order not to miss any second, stay tuned here in our blog, and also in our social media channels:Facebook: /bellaclubSnapchat: /belladasemanaInstagram: @belladasemanaoficialTumblr: belladasemana.tumblr.comTwitter: /bellaclubGoogle +: +bellaclubBella Club - the best excuse to check the social media! Blog Live photo shoot

There’s no point in being the boss if you don’t know the best way to delegate tasks to your staff. Aleksandar Mandic’s tip this month is about the art of administrating people. Mantips Know how to manage

In this text we have listed some of the best benefits riding a bike can offer, and we’re sure you’ll soon be convinced it is worth it leaving the car parked and going to work on your bicycle sometimes (or always). Personal Trainer Cycle!

When we help just because we feel we have to, not out of solidarity. In a world full of sharing and like-countings, we find ourselves trying to be perfect all the time, trying to being seen as correct, transparent, sincere people. What Women Want Up to what point should we help?


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