My Bella

‘My Bella’ is a space we developed in Bella Club so you can keep the photos you like the most, organized the way that suits you best! If you prefer, you can also share your space with your friends and other users, as well as getting grades and comments.

Create – create folders to store your favorite images
Choose – choose the photos you wish to save
Organize – organize your folders by category (blondes, brunettes, breasts, bums etc.)
Grade – grade the images
Comment – let your friends know what you think
Share – share your folders with friends
See – see the folders other Bella Club members created

Do you know what’s even better? You’re allowed to create as many folders as you’d like, classifying your favorite images in accordance to your own guidelines. It’s possible, for example, to create a folder only for the models’ feet, or maybe one with the pictures of the breasts you find the most gorgeous, or even one with your favorite behinds, the most charming eyes, the most daring close-ups, the blondes, the brunettes… It’ your call, and with that you organize your folders the way you think it’s best.

If you wish, you can turn your folders public so other members are able to see, comment and grade your galleries.

‘My Bella’ is an advantage exclusive to Bella Club members, with ranking of the most saved photos by users, suggestions of similar images, and access to other members’ folders.  

In ‘My Bella’ you’re the boss! Want to know more?


How to create and feed a folder

Creating a folder is easy, quick and simple. To add pictures to your folder, please follow the instructions below:

- access the photo shoot of the desired model
- on the image you’d like to add to the folder, click   Add to My Bella
- choose the folder in which you wish to save it
- repeat the process whenever you want to add more images

How to rename or set public/private a folder

Click on this icon on the left top corner of the folders to:
- make the folder public
- rename the folder
- delete the folder

Just click on the option you would like to complete the action.


- you have access you your favorite pictures more rapidly
- all the pictures you like the most are gathered in a unique place
- you create as many folders you want, and you can classify them in accordance to their content
- you get suggestions of similar images, based on your personal taste
- you can access the public folders of other members
- you can share your folders with friends
- you can grade photos, scoring them and leaving personal comments
- ‘My Bella’ is for Bella Club members only

Don’t waste more time, start now!

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