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Model´s photo:  Anielly Campos
Anielly Campos - She was Miss Goias in 2009, works as a model since she were 13 years old and has studied Electric Engineering. Anielly Campos, Bella Club’s new muse, has done all that and now thinks about owning her own business. About to turn 22, Anielly has left a little town called Rio Verde, in Brazil, to conquer the whole country with her green eyes, charming smile and an accent which is now a mix of several places. This is the first time she poses for a more daring photo shoot. The pictures show Anielly even sexier, hotter and prettier.
Date and place of birth: November 14th, 1990 in Rio Verde (Goias state, Brazil).
Lives in: Goiania (Goias state, Brazil).
Sign: scorpio.

Height: 1,78m.
Hips: 104cm.
Waist: 64cm.
Bust: 90cm.
Feet: 38.

You have represented Goias state in Miss Brazil 2009. Tell us a bit about this experience. To be able to participate of such an important beauty contest is a huge opportunity. Unexpected things happen at all times and you have to be ready to deal with all of them.  I believe it is compulsory to bear in mind that the other participants are friends rather than competitors and give your best, knowing that the result is always going to surprise you. During that week the schedule was always full and it was all very tiring. There were many cool things, though, which included new places to visit, restaurants, theaters and nightclubs, all combined with lots of work, photo shoots, videos, rehearsals, choreographies and clothes.

Was this a dream long hoped for? The title of miss was something I have always wanted. With a victory like that you start walking a new direction. The personal prestige increases and several doors are opened.

Is it true you have been working as a model since you were 13 years old? Yes, I have started with the title of miss youth Rio Verde (my hometown) when I was 13 years old and soon started participating in other beauty contests, such as Tic Tac Mega Models and Elite, reaching the semi finals in all of them. My mother says I have started much earlier than that, though, when I was 3 and wore her heels, blouses and scarves, transforming the corridor of the house into a catwalk.

What about the Electric Engineering degree, have you finished the classes? I couldn´t because it was a full time course. Several jobs came my way and I wasn´t able to keep both the classes and my work.

So at the time you considered working with two distinct things: modelling and engineering? Yes, I considered that. But now with all these changes I´ll be focusing on my modelling career and I also want to open my own business. I wish to finish my Engineering degree when things are a bit calmer.

We have heard you enjoy painting, dancing and playing handball, is that true? I have done a lot of those some time ago, but now I have other preferences as my hobbies, such as travelling, going to the theater, visiting nice restaurants and reading interesting books.

Which of them is more pleasurable to you? Travelling, getting to know new places, cultures and beliefs.

When the subject is soccer, what team do you support? Goias Esporte Clube.

Tell us something crazy you have done. I cannot reveal that...

And what does a man have to do to cause goose bumps all over your body? Making eye contact is always interesting!

Now the underwear your partner is wearing... does it make a difference? For sure! Too little, too tight or too old are big no-nos.

Tell us a little about your personality. I am an honest, determined and hardworking woman. I go deep when I am involved in a project I care about.

If your lingerie could speak, what would it say right now? Hummmm...

What if you could do anything today, even if it seems impossible, what would that be? I would travel de world.

Which is your body´s hottest spot? All of them!

Is this your first sexy photo shoot? Nope, Bella Club is my first one.

What kind of underwear do you prefer? Thong.

And what are your professional goals right now? Starting my own business.

How was it photographing to Bella Club? It was an amazing experience! As I haven´t done anything like it before, I started seeing it differently. Bella Club works with an amazing team, thank you for your beautiful work!

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