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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Elenara Trindade
Elenara Trindade - Girl that dazzles, woman that drives you crazy. This is bella Elenara Trindade, who will awaken your deepest desires. You, member of Bella Club, can enjoy this beauty from exclusive angles and see the complete shooting of this gorgeous blond.
Date and place of birth:  June the 30th, 1986, in Soledade, Rio Grande do Sul.
City where you live? São José, Santa Catarina.
Sign: Cancer

Height: 5,31 ft
Hips: 37,01 in
Waist: 23,62 in
Bust: 31,50 in
Feet: 6
Which were your latest jobs as a model?
A shooting as Playboy Bunny and another one for Garota Pop.

Do you work out?
Yes, for 4 years and loving every minute!

Play any sports?
I love volleyball, but haven’t played in a while.

What’s your favorite soccer team?
Grêmio (Rio Grande do Sul).

What’s the perfect destination?
Fernando de Noronha.

Unforgettable beach?
Guarda do Embaú.

Favorite song?
“Quem Ama”, by Apogeu do Samba, a Brazilian band.

What makes your mouth water?
Beef Stroganoff.
Natural juices.

Favorite perfume?
Myriad, by o Boticário.
Going out for window shopping and buying new outfits.


Beauty, what’s your secret?
Eating right and working out.

Ideal man?
First he has to be polite; second, faithful.

What was the strangest place you ever made love at?
Inside a grout, near a river.

How did you like posing for BellaClub?
Great! I really loved it. Team was super professional and made me really comfortable. Congrats!  

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