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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Paula Rebello
Paula Rebello - She studies Odontology, but doesn’t want to become a regular dentist. Paula Rebello wants to be “a very sexy dentist”. The new Bella Club model is just like that: striking and outspoken! Paula is 19 years old and likes to be the center of attention. “I love when people stare and compliment me.” With a body like hers, staring should be allowed in any situation! To keep it all up, the model jogs on the beach and visits the gym daily. Just as ourselves, she doesn’t have a favorite part of her body: she likes the whole lot.

Date and place of birth: November 15th, 1992 in a town called Itajai, South of Brazil.
Lives in: a little town called Navegantes, also in the South.
Sign: Scorpio.

Height: 1,53m.
Hips: 87cm.
Waist: 63cm.
Bust: 76cm.
Feet: 34.
Have you any nicknames? Paulinha.

Consumer´s dream: travel around the world and spending a few months in London, England.

Something crazy you´ve done in life:
it depends, I have done several things! Each person I meet, with each one of my friends, I go through a different experience and they are all crazy and fun! After all, it is tough to do something crazy on your own, right?! LOL

For you, men have to be: attractive, useful, caring. Men also got to know how to deal with a woman, especially is she´s a scorpio, just as I am!

What´s the feeling of being so, so hot?
I love getting all the attention. I love when people look at me and pay a compliment. When a woman envies me or feels threatened by how I look, it is as if she´s given me a youth potion!

And what do you do to keep it all up? I go to the gym, I love jogging on the beach. The way your body looks is important, especially if you´re a lady!

How would you define yourself in three words? Extrovert, persistent and obsessive.
Have you any (bad) habits? Several! One of them is being suspicious of something or someone at all times. At the same time that I am quiet, I am quite a good observer.

Do you study? I study Dentistry, which I love.

Have you ever been hit on by another woman? Yes, but no comments LOL.

How was your first kiss like? Wow, it was with a boy all my girlfriends thought was the cutest one if our class. So my first kiss was with him, in a public toilet. We are good friends nowadays.

Have you ever done any male´s sexual fantasy?
That`s my little secret!

What do you do to spice things up in bed? I try to transform the occasion into a moment which is both profound and magic.

What turns you on? Whispers in my ear, little bites and strong hands.

If your underwear could talk, what would it say right now? Hey, here I am! LOL
What is the weirdest place you have ever had sex at? Up a hill.

What part of your body do you like the most? Everything! I am very optimistic when it comes to my body, I love every little inch of it. Breasts, legs, bum...

Any plans for the future? Getting my degree and working as a very sexy dentist! LOL I also want to keep doing photos, which I love.

Have you ever done a sexy shooting before Bella Club? No, this is my first one.

How was it photographing with our team? I loved it, the team is wonderful. In the beginning I felt a bit insecure, but we laughed so much while doing it that it made me feel pretty comfy. I was in the rain for some time even! It was awesome, I hope some day I can do it again.

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