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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Raquel Dantas
Raquel Dantas - She was born in the extreme North of Brazil, but the ones who live in Rio de Janeiro are the lucky ones to see her sunbathing at the beach, along with her long dark hair and voluptuous body. At 24, Raquel Dantas is a very hot start of the year indeed! What are you waiting for to salute 2011 the way it deserves? Click here to see the photos of the first sexy shooting of the student who has luxury as her sin and freedom as a way of life.
Date and place of birth:
March 10th, 1986, in Manaus (Extreme North of Brazil)

Lives in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Sign: Piesces.


Height: 1.72m / 5,6ft
Hips: 96cm / 37,8in
Waist: 63cm / 24,8in
Bust: 92cm / 36,2in
Feet: 5 (UK) / 7.5 (US)

When did you start modeling?
When I was 13.

Have you any other professions?
I study Veterinary.

Tell us a bit about other modeling Jobs you´ve done:
 I´ve done catwalk, extras, production and photos.

What are your plans for the future?
Work as a Veterinary and be successful.

If I were...

A month: March.

A day of the week: Friday.

A number: number  1.

A flower: a red rose.

A piece of furniture: a bed lol.

A drink: vodka.

A sin: luxury.

A sexual fantasy: a nurse ;)

A fobia: claustrophobia.

A book: Stephen King´s Dreamcatcher

A fruit: a banana lol.

A sound: the sound of waterfalls.

A color: sky blue.

An animal: a free bird.

A song: ´Olha´, by Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos.

A perfume: Prada.

A feeling: missing.

A food: tapioca with tucumã (a typical dish from her birthplace, Manaus).

A word: love.

An object: a jewelery.

A sentence:
´Trying and failing is, at least, learning. If you don´t even get to try you suffer the loss of something that could have been.´

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