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Model´s photo  Ana Karoline
Ana Karoline - At 20 years of age, the Bella Club model dreams about traveling the world and wants to work as an airhostess. Full of style, Ana Karoline says men should all be good-humored and independent. She is shy, but when it comes to spicing things up in bed Ana appeals to her creativity. Oh, she speaks alone and confesses: is very stubborn! Well, we could talk nonstop about the daring-eyed brunette, but we guess it is better if you take your own conclusions...


Date and place of birth:  September 18th, 1992, in a town called Blumenau (South of Brazil).
Lives in:
a town called Sao Jose (South of Brazil).
Sign: Virgo.

Height: 1,66m.
Hips: 90cm.
Waist: 66cm.
Bust: 92cm.
Feet: 37.

Have you any nicknames? Aninha or Karol.

Consumer´s dream: travel around the world.

Something crazy you´ve done: giving up on my ´easy life´ to go after what I really wanted.

In your opinion, a man has to be...: good-humored and independent.

What is the feeling of being so hot? Self-esteem up high!

And what do you do to keep all that into place? Honestly? Nothing at all! LOL

How would you define yourself in three words? Sincere, stubborn and adventurous.

Have you any (bad) habits? Talking to myself.

Do you study? Yes, I am currently studying to become an air hostess.

Have you even been hit on by another woman?
Yes! To tell you the truth, I guess that happens quite often. LOL I always tried to act naturally and leave it clear I was into men.

How as your first kiss like?
Butterflies in my stomach...

Have you even done any of your sexual fantasies?
Could we leave that aside? LOL

What do you do so sex will not fall into a routine?
You got to be creative in order to spice things up a bit.

What turns you on?
Chemistry, skin and smell!

If your underwear could speak, what would it say right now? Enjoy without moderation! LOL

Which is the weirdest place you have ever hard sex at?
At a beautiful beach.

Which is the hottest part of your body? My breasts.

What are the plans for the future? Get my degree, work with what I like and travel a lot.

Is this your first sexy shooting?
It is indeed!

How was it photographing for Bella Club? In the beginning it was tough, but with time I got more and more comfortable. The team is wonderful, it was a pleasure working for them. I hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

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