Model´s photo  Beatriz Aguiar
Beatriz Aguiar - With only 18 years of age, Beatriz Aguiar is pure sin. The green-eyed babe is ready to show her perfect body to all Bella Club subscribers. In the photos, she embraces several personalities, posing with handcuffs, blindfolded, in jeans, and even asking for a ride on the side of the road (naked, of course!). If there’s something we can definitely say about her is that she’s going to take your breath away!

Name: Beatriz de Souza Aguiar.
Date and place of birth: May 3rd, 1998, in the city of Taguatinga, Brasília (DF, Brazil).
Lives in: Brasília (DF, Brazil).
Sign: Taurus.

Height: 1,70 m.
Hips: 90 cm.
Feet: 36.

Would you say your butt is the best part of your body? I really like my body, and my behind actually deserves special attention… so yes! LOL

What do you do to keep fit? I follow a strict diet, a training schedule, and I also drink lots of water.

Do you have any beauty secrets? I have several tricks, but there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep.

What’s something you’re willing to have these days? At the moment I would really like a car, and being financially independent.

Tell something crazy you’d done in your life. I’ve done a lot, but I guess the most important one was to move out to live on my own. It demands a lot of maturity.

How would the perfect weekend be, for you? I love travelling and meeting new people, so the perfect weekend could include a trip somewhere with my friends, or with another fun company.

What can’t be missing in a man? Gentleness.

What’s indispensable in the bedroom? A man who knows what to do with his hands.

Tell us something you do in bed that men love. I talk dirty.

And what do they do you can’t resist to? I love massage, it’s a great option for foreplay.

Do you have any sexual fantasies? I’ve got a few. Making out with a woman is one of them.

What do you enjoy doing on your free time? I like to spend it with the people I love, no matter if we’re partying or relaxing at home.

What are your plans for this year? I have several, especially when it comes to my job.

What do you do when no one’s watching? I always imagine something unusual… LOL.

Can you cook? Yes. Salmon in lemon sauce is my specialty. Delicious!

Do you like to dance? I do! I have dance classes; I love moving my body.

Do you prefer a night out or a night in? I prefer a night in, but it’s also good to go out sometimes.

Lastly, how was it photographing to Bella Club? It was incredible. I was nervous regarding being naked, but the team made me feel really comfortable, with wine and the fireplace on. The location was awesome, too, it was an inn in the city of Montes Verdes. It was great, I confess I felt excited about it.


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