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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Carolina Gonçalves
Carolina Gonçalves - Our new girl isn´t daring only in the pictures she´s taken. She also dares when she tells us she is all for casual sex, uses her body to seduce men and likes when clothes make her feel sexier. At 21, Carolina Gonçalves works hard to reach her goals, wears tiny undies and enjoys sleeping ´up close and personal´. Her flaw? Only one: she cannot cook. Carolina is also on television, working as a stage assistant of one of the most famous TV shows in Brazil, called ´Panico na Band´. She even got a special nickname for her character: Carol Narizinho.
Date and place of birth: 20/03/1990, em Porto Alegre (RS).
Lives in: Porto Alegre (RS).
Sign: Pisces.

Height: 1,64m
Hips: 95
Waist: 63
Bust: 86
Feet: 37

Characteristics of your personality:
I am the kind of person who doesn´t give up easily and go after my dreams no matter what.

Something good about childhood:
Playing! I played a lot in my childhood; I enjoyed it to the last bit!

When did you first see yourself as a woman?
In many moments I still don´t see myself as a woman. ´I"m not a girl, not yet a woman´, as Britney would say... lol

Do you think you´re sexy? Yes.

Which is your biggest seduction weapon? My body.

How do you deal with your body?
I take great care of my body by going to the gym.

Which occasion asks for special production?
When I want to impress someone.

Undies: thong.

In your sleep: I love spooning.

Clothes: teasing.

Wish: success.

A habit: weightlifting.

Car: Cross Fox.

Team: Gremio (a soccer team from the extreme South of Brazil).

Trip: to a city called Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil.

Favorite hobby: watching a good thriller.

Don´t invite me to: cook! lol

Best time of day: the time of going to bed. I love sleeping!

Pick up line: it has to be funny and innovative.

Casual sex, in or out? Totally in!

Smell: a perfume called Play.

Sailor, pilot, fireman or officer? Fireman.

Irresistible: Chocolate.

Can´t live without: my goals!

Being a Bella is: being sexy and stylish.

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