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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Daiane Fraga
Daiane Fraga - This breathtaking blonde is an expert when it comes to playing with men’s fetishes. Her sleepwear is just a T-shirt and a thong ; champagne is the drink that drives her crazy, and her most powerful seduction weapon is just being herself! Is there anything sexier than that? You, member of Bella Club, can enjoy this beauty from exclusive angles and see the complete shooting of this gorgeous blond.
Place and date of birth: June 2nd, 1988, in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul, South of Brazil)

Current residence: Porto Alegre.
Sign: Cancer
Height: 5’6’’
Hips: 39’’
Waistline: 25’’
Bust: 37’’
Feet: 6 ½
When did you start modeling?
When I was 18.
Could you talk about some of the works you’ve done as a model?
I was a Playmate in 2007, I posed for Colírio RBS [the biggest communication group in the south of Brazil], was an Lynx Angel, made the cover at WS International Magazine, and participated on some fashion and TV shows.

 What are your projects for the future?
 I plan to graduate from Law School.
Strong features:
Responsible, respectful, disciplined, and conservative.
Good thing about childhood... Not having responsibilities.
When did you first see yourself as a woman?
When I started taking responsibilities for my acts.
Do you think you’re sexy?

What’s your biggest seduction weapon?
Just being myself.
How do you deal with your body?
I work out four times a week, drink a lot of water and watch what I eat.
What’s the occasion for a special outfit?
Any occasion!
What’s your favorite kind of underwear?
How do you sleep?
In T-shirts and panties.
Outfits: It depends on the moment and on the day.
Desire: Studying abroad.
Addiction: Chimarrão [a different kind of tea, very common in southern Brazil].

Car: X5 of BMW.
Football Team: Grêmio.
Best thing to do: Travelling.
Do not invite me to... Run!
Best time of the day is...The one you’re feeling good about yourself.
Casual sex, in or out?
If it’s interesting, everything is worth it!
Sailor, pilot, police officer or fire man?
Something you can’t resist to: Good champagne.
It is essential to me... Being with the ones I care about. 
Is there a special occasion (or place) to meet somebody? 
If you’re interested, there’s no right place to let it happen.
Perfect trip?
Being a Bella is… Feeling beautiful... I don’t have words to describe it!

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