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Model´s photo  Emmanuelle Guimarães
Emmanuelle Guimarães - The new Bella Club model is stunning! Brazilian babe Emmanuelle Guimaraes studied Law and says she was inspired by eternal Emmanuelle Sylvia Kristel* while photographing to Bella Club. As if being inspired by the classic erotic movie wasn’t enough, the 28 year-old brunette enjoys taking decisions on a whym. Besides the piercing on her left nipple and the tattoos spreading all over her body, she has also added a little ‘art’ piece somewhere else. ‘Once I was in Amsterdam and one of the peep shows dancers inspired me. I put a piercing stud there. And I loved it!’
Birth date:  June 30th, 1984.
Lives in: Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Height: 5.6ft.
Hips: 37in.
Waist: 24.8in.
Bust: 34.6in.
Feet: 8.5 (US) | 6 (UK).

What other jobs have you done as a model? I have done photographic shootings, advertising pieces and TV commercials.

When did you start your carreer? This is only the beginning!

What do you do when no one´s watching? There is no fun if no one´s watching! It is always good when someone´s around, it turns me on.

Have you ever kissed another woman? Nope.

Would you? As a little game, yes I would. 

Do you practice any sports? I jog and go to the gym almost on a daily basis.

What turns you off in bed? Lack of attitude.

Something you love: my life!

Something you hate: hate. It is a primitive feeling, all evil comes from it.

Do you take the first step? Of course, always when needed. 

In what kind of situation do you feel the sexiest? With my clothes off, just like the famous Emmanuelle!

Call me and I´ll go: first class!

I would never: betray someone I love.

For you, sex is: a gift from God, the greatest feeling a human being can feel. There is nothing compared to sexual pleasure!

Somethingh crazy you have done: I was in the Red Light District, in Amsterdam, and I was inspired by one of the Peep Shows ladies to get a piercing ´there´. I loved it!    

Do you remember your first kiss? Oh, that was a long time ago...

Food: I appreciate diversity, I love getting to know new places and its flavors.      

Drink: there is a drink for each occasion. I usually drink French wine, though.

Song: I cannot live without it and I like lots of different songs and styles. At this very moment I´ve been listening to John Mayer, which I love.

Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo is excellent in my opinion, for it deals with subjects such as loyalty, friendship, betrayal and redemption.

Color: a Vanilla Sky sunset, the color blue. Nature presents us with the most beautiful colors!

Clothes: I have a casual style, I like jeans and a T-shirt.

How do you sleep? As comfy as possible, no panties.

An important conquest: the best ones money cannot buy. Wisdom is a great example.

A goal: being always happy!

Would you leave a message to your Bella Club fans? I hope you like and have some fun with the pictures, they have been done specially for you. Xoxo, Emmanuelle.

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