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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Fernanda Almeida
Fernanda Almeida - Fernanda Almeida arrives deliciously for her Bella Club première. The model loves the good things in life and cant resist dinner for two, especially if its in the company of a smart, educated, and fun man.   If youre like her, you cant miss all the beauty on the curves of Fernandas body in steaming hot photos!  
Date and place of birth: June 30th, 1983, in Blumenau – Santa Catarina
Current residence: São Paulo
Sign: Cancer

Height: 5’7’’
Hips: 37’’
Waistline: 26’’
Bust: 35’’
Foot: 8 ½

A strong feature:

Outgoing or shy?

Childhood dream:
To be a model

Consumer’s dream:
Humm... There are so many…

Style: sexy, diva or cool?

Inspiring muse:
Angelina Jolie

A city:

A gadget:

A habit:
Playing with my hair when I’m sleepy.


Football team:

Rouge Royal - Marina de Bourbon

“Beauty”, what is the secret?
Drinking a lot of water, loving, and being happy!

What is always on your purse?
Cell phone, mascara, blush, and gloss.

A man is sexy when he’s wearing....
Jeans and T-shirt.

Inside the profile “ideal man”, what is a MUST?
Good character, intelligence, sense of humor, beauty and he can never be too caring.

Prey or predator?
It depends on the moment.

Imagine that you’re at a party where you meet the guy of your dreams. At the end of the night, he takes you home, and you make out with him. How would this night finish?
In my bed!

Would you forgive a guy who cheated on you? What about virtual cheating?
No way! It doesn’t matter, cheating is cheating!

Does size really matter?
No, but it can impress!

Do you take the lead?
If I’m really interested in the guy, yes, I do.

A nice spot or date:
You can just sleep side by side with the right person and it will be really nice.

How do you deal with the idea of becoming a muse after posing for Bella?
It was my first photo shooting, and I see it as a challenge! I enjoyed doing that and I hope everybody feels the same way.

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