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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Fernanda Carvalho
Fernanda Carvalho - In the zodiac shes a sagittarius, but in person lucks more like a Lion. She is an exuberant Queen. Long gold hair, strong legs and voluptuous breaths. Beautiful, sensual, self-confident. She thinks she is sexy. We do too!
Date and place of birth: November 30th, 1986, in Balneário Camboriú, South of Brazil.
Place of residence: Itajaí, Santa Catarina, also in the South of the country. 
Signe: Sagittarius.

Height: 5,58 ft
Hips: 36,61 in
Waist line: 26,38 in
Bust : 34,65 in
Feet : 7
What are your carrier plans?
I intend to finish my major in Law and try to pass the test for Federal Delegate.

Do you think you’re sexy?
Definitely, I believe a woman’s sensuality is in her self confidence. So, if I don’t think I’m sexy, if I don’t feel that way, no one will see me like that.

Do you work out to keep in shape?
My routine to keep in shape includes weightlifting, surfing, biking and jogging at the beach. I train weightlifting to compete in Body Fitness.

Beautiful women always see something they don’t like about their bodies that no one else can see, how about you?
Everybody has things they aren´t happy about, things others can’t see. After all, nobody is perfect nor very symmetric. For me, my calves are too thin. But I try to work them out.

Are you a party girl?
It all depends on the circumstances. Sometimes I rather stay in and watch a movie or having a candlelight dinner. But sometimes I love going out, especially to hip hop clubs, and dancing all night long.

When you go out clubbing, do a lot of men come on to you?
I believe this happens to any woman who has an insinuating beauty.

Have you ever had a stolen kiss?
No, stolen without my consent no. I believe it all depends on your attitude. If it happened I think I wouldn’t like it and probably the person would not like my reaction either.

And did a woman ever hit on you?

Are you afraid of being cheated on?
No, I believe I don’t give anyone reason for men to cheat on me. But if it happened I’d like to know. If the person who is with me doesn´t respect me at all, he does not deserve to be with me: ´may it be infinite while it lasts´.

Are you jealous?
I keep an eye on what belongs to me because I value the person who is with me, but I believe there is a limit to jealousy, people must be free to love.

Would you let your man pose for a sensual photo shooting?

What is essential in a man?
Respect! And a great perfume.

Have you ever worn any costumes to spice up a relationship?
Yes, I have and he was so surprised… but he loved it!

Were you comfortable doing it?
Yes, I was really comfortable, as a matter of fact. I was with someone I loved and trusted, he loved it, it was really cool.

How did you feel posing for BellaClub?
Posing for BellaClub was great because the crew is fantastic, they’re exceptionally professional. I’d like to congratulate everyone in the Bella team!

A message for the fans:
´The butterfly will continue to hover over the field and the dewdrops will still glitter upon the grass when the pyramids of Egypt are leveled and the skyscrapers of New York are no more´. (Khalil Gibran)

Take good care of the natural environment. As we belong to it, it belongs to us.

Peace to everyone that admired and like my photos. Thank you!

´Aapana teja samhaaro aapai´ (You alone can stand your own splendor.)

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