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Model´s photo:  Franciele Perão 2012
Franciele Perão 2012 - She was the most voted model on the Bella Club competition and to celebrate her victory, she returns to the website with a very special photo shoot. Franciele Perao is 25 years old, is currently in a soccer muse contest and doesn’t get tired of repeating: she might be pretty and hot but humility comes first. ‘There is no point in having the hottest body, the perfect smile, the most beautiful hair... you reflect outside what you feel inside. Humility always!’
Date and place of birth: June 19th, 1987, in a town called Lages (South of Brazil).
Lives in: Florianopolis (Santa Catarina, Brazil).
Sign: Gemini .

Height: 1,67m.
Hips: 93cm.
Waist: 60cm.
Bust: 87cm.
Feet: 35.
1.    Having been one of the finalists of Musa do Figueira (a beauty contest to become this South of Brazil´s team musa) is not for anyone! Tell us a little about this experience. I was in the finals but didn´t get to win the title. This year I am going to go for it again and count with the help of you all.

2.    So this means you are in love with soccer since you were litte? Yes, I have always liked soccer. When I was younger I even tried playing a bit in the neighborhood, but I wasn´t really good to be honest. I am better as a supporter!

3.    Tell us something mad you have done for the team. I used to travel from my hometown to the State´s capital Florianopolis by bus just to see a match. Nowadays I live in Florianopolis, which makes it much easier! LOL

4.    And what do you think about getting the most number of votes in Bella mais Bela contest (Bella Club´s beauty contest in which the models were voted by fans through Facebook)? Wow, I have no words to describe such emotion! I started crying when I opened my Facebook page and saw my name as the winner of the competition. I guess this was yet another proof that when we are into something, when we believe in it and when we have faith in God, we are capable of anything! 

5.    Over 100 models were in the competition, did you know that? Yes, and I must say it isn´t easy competing with so many beautiful women. I have tried my best, I believe in myself and my potential. Four years have gone by since my first photo shoot to Bella Club and I have changed a lot since then. They are all winners and so pretty! But anyway, one of us had to win and I am happy to know it was me!

6.    Even before we had your pictures taken, your fans were crazy about this photo shoot. What do you do to be so special to them? Thanks for the ´special´ part LOL. I am not better than anyone else, I have charisma and I am humble. I believe that makes it all different.

7.    What is the feeling of being so hot? I wouldn´t say I´m that hot! LOL Well, it feels great, women enjoy being desired.

8.    And what do you do to keep it all up? I go to the gym three times a week, keep a healthy diet and drink lots of water.

9.    How would you define yourself in three words? Humble, intelligent and human.

10.    Besides soccer you like this typical Brazilian music style called ´sertanejo´ (similar to country music). Is that true? Yes, I am in love with sertanejo, I love its rhythm, its lyrics... I identify with it, I guess.

11.    Now a question men love: has any other chick tried something with you? Yes, several times! I respect people´s sexual preferences a lot, many of them who have tried something are friends of mine, but I´m into men anyway LOL.

12.    What about soccer players? Has any of them tried to get to the small area? Yes, but I prefer not to mention their names. I would like to make it clear that I am a soccer fanatic, but that doesn´t mean I am looking forward to go out with the players.

13.    How was your first kiss like? It was funny. I was 14 years old. Right after I kissed the buy, I asked my friend if I could spit it already LOL.

14.    Tell us a sexual fantasy you still want to do it: I have none I still haven´t done it. I do what I want all the time, I leave nothing for tomorrow!

15.    What turns you on? The eyes. They say everything!

16.    If your underwear could talk, what would it say right now? ´If´ it could talk, right? I am glad it cannot! LOL

17.    What about your partner´s underwear? Does it make a difference when you´re at it? Of course it does! Just as I try to look great for my partner, I hope he would do the same for me.

18.    In which situation you score 10 to zero? I score 10-0 when it comes to being humble. It´s nonsense having the perfect body, a beautiful smile, the best hair... You reflect outside what you feel inside! Humbleness always!

19.    What are the plans for the future? Owning my own business and being able to buy my parents an apartment. I am very persistent and I have many dreams, but these are my priorities at the moment.

20.    What other jobs have you done as a model? So many! I photograph for fashion catalogues, I am an events promoter, I do lots of things.
I would like to thank God for allowing all this, my family who is always there for me, my friends who have voted for me and who believed I could win. Being crowned as the most beautiful Bella Club model was an honor. I hope you all like this photo shoot, which I have done with lots of love and dedication. Kisses to all and each of you!

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