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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Franciele Perão
Franciele Perão - Blond, 21, nice curves, with a tattoo and belly button piercing. Unique style, half girl, collecting teddy bears, half women, fun, sexy, diva. She believes the outside reflects the inside. Fran Peirão!
Date and place of birth: June 19th, 1987, in Lages, Santa Catarina.
Place of residence? Lages and Florianópolis.  
Signe: Gemini.

Height: 5,48 ft
Hips : 38,98 in
Waist line: 25,98 in
Bust: 35,04 in
Feet: 6

A strong feature:
My eyes and joy of life.

Outgoing or shy?

Child’s dream:
Becoming a model and an actress.

Material dream:
Giving my parents a house.

Inspiring muse:
My mother.

Style: sexy, diva or cool?
My own, which gives me the three qualities at once. Style depends a lot on the situation and the moment you’re experiencing.


A technology:
The internet.

TV x Cinema:

Have you anu collections?
Yes, teddy bears. I have my own zoo at home. lol

A habit:
Having my nails done.

It moves mountains! God is my strength source. I can do anything by believing in that who makes me stronger.


The perfume of success:
Humility, humanity and honesty.
Beauty, what’s your secret?
Taking good care of my body, walking a lot, eating right, lots of fluids… And besides taking care of the outside, I take very good care of my inside. You reflect outside what you have on the inside.

What is always in your purse?
Make up and hair brush.

A man is sexy when he wears…

What is essential on an ideal man?
 Honesty, intelligence, and fidelity.

Dominated or dominatrix?
Dominatrix… but depending on the situation I let my boyfriend take over.

Have you ever read the Kama Sutra?

A nice spot, thing or date:
The place you are right now, anything that makes you smile, a date with a person who makes you happy. Live every second as if it were the last.

How do you deal with the idea of becoming a muse after posing for BellaClub?
I’m very happy and proud to have worked with such a wonderful team. I hope people like my photos, but nothing will make me stop being myself.

Fran Perão by Fran Perão:
I’m simple, I come from a humble family, my parents are my safety net and tought me the real meaning of love, honesty, faith and happiness. I thank my family and my boyfriend, who have always supported my decisions. I also thank all BellaClub fans who came to see my photos! I hope, with all my heart, that you like my shooting, I tried my best. I am thankful to the whole Bella crew who, with dedication, love and respect, produced the site and the shootings. Last but not least, I am thankful to God for giving me another  opportunity and for making my life so happy and fulfilled!

Kisses to all :D

´I never wait for a smile to be nice. I don’t wait to be loved to love. I don’t wait for the best job to start working. I don’t wait for the pain to believe in prayer. I have never waited for death to believe in life. And will never wait for compliments to believe in myself.’

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