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Model´s photo  Ionara Ristow
Ionara Ristow - Owner of voluptuous curves, this brunette is simply breath taking. Ionara Ristow, our Bella this week, comes with a lot of sensuality and her 38’’ hips to steal your heart. The strong and remarkable personality of this Bella can be felt in every click. Enjoy your Bella membership! Don’t miss all the hottest photos, behind the scenes clicks, new and exclusive screensavers and much more!
Date and place of birth: March 13th, 1988 in Sapucaia do Sul, South of Brazil.
Where do you live now? Sapucaia do Sul – RS.  
Signe: Pisces

Height: 5’3’’
Hips: 38’’
Waist: 23’’
Bust: 33’’
Feet: 6
What are your career plans?
I have some, but as the name says, they’re plans, they’re future - and I live today. I’m very intense. Less plans, more action!

Do you think you’re sexy?
Definitely. High self esteem and confidence make me feel sexy. Every woman should love herself first.

Do you work out to keep in shape?
I do. Drinking lots of water is also important.

Beautiful women always see flaws no one else can see on their bodies. Does that happen to you?
Oh, I don’t know! But I don’t like my fingers. Strange, huh? I am very critical regarding my body and if I’m not happy about something I try to make it better, but there’s nothing you can do about your fingers…  

Are you a party girl or do you prefer staying at home?
It depends a lot. I like dancing, but sometimes I prefer staying home just making love!

Has anyone ever stolen a kiss from you?
No, things must happen when there’s chemistry. Stolen kisses are not cool, nothing that is against someone’s will is.

What about girls, do they come on to you?
Never happened, not that I remember.

Are you afraid of being cheated on?
No, for when something like that happens it is because love isn’t there anymore and so self love is much more important then anything else in those times.
Are you jealous?
I like taking care of what is mine, but I think people should be free to make their own choices. Too much jealousy can harm the people we love.

What shouldn’t a man do on a first date?
Try to be someone he is not. By the way, people should think about that. 

In between four walls, can anything happen?
Yes, if you’re with someone you love. Why not?!

Would you let “your man” pose for a sensual shooting?
Yes, if it were something he wanted, I’d definitely support him.

What is essential in a man?
Smelling good, being honest and faithful.

Have you ever wore a costume to spice up a relationship?
Yes, many. But there are still some to explore… 

What was his reaction?
He loved it. Or at least he acted like he´d loved it.

And what was posing for BellaClub like?   
It was a great experience, I loved the whole team. Congratulations, everyone!

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