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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Jehane Jahn

Date and place of birth:
February 23rd, 1977 in Balneário Camboriú, South of Brazil.

Lives in:
Itajaí, also South of Brazil.


5,64 ft

36,22 in

24,41 in

34,25 in

6 1/2

When did you start modeling?
I started modeling when I was only 2.

Which were your biggest modeling jobs?
I was Cyber Babe of the week at Brazilian Playboy, then I won Cyber Babe in September, then I was the September Bunny, now I can be seen on adds for hotels amongst others, and Bella Club!

Why did you choose to be a model?
It started as a joke, like ´I´ll send a picture and see what happens´, for Playboy. Then I made it to the semi finals and finals, until I was picked for Cyber Babe of the week, and then of the month, then Bunny... it was a very delightful and rewarding return.

Besides modeling, do you have another career?
I have just graduated in Law and am studying for a public position.

Do you work out?
Yes, five times a week.


...Soccer Team?

Ushuaia - Skiing, I´ve been going for the last four years.

Brava, in Itajaí (SC).





Ligth Blue , by Dolce & Gabanna; and Omnia, by Bvlgari.

What do you really love?
A smile.

What do you really hate?
Bad temper.

Handsome man:
That´s a little complicated... every man has their particularities, but I confess I prefer the dark haired ones.

Describe Mr.Right:
Simple, cheerful, always in a good mood, determined.

Children. They learn and teach at the same time about the simplicity in life.

The best place to have sex is...
Ideal place? Each and every!

Which was the strangest place you ever had sex at?
At a speed boat.

Which parts of your body do you like the most?
My belly.

What draws your attention in a man's body?
The face, the smile... the voice puts a spell on me.

Do you have any sexual fantasies?
It´s always nice. I´ve fulfilled some, but our female imagination flies!

A pocket phrase or a thought...
´I set free the things I love. If they come back it is because I have conquered them. If they don´t, it´s because I´ve never had them.´

Life philosophy:
Be happy. Always. Change your life, do whatever you feel like it, when you feel like it. If you don´t go for your own happiness, no one else will. Try to be happier each day that goes by! Today I am certainly happier then I was yesterday.

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