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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Joice Brum
Joice Brum - In order to keep her perfect curves, Joice Brum takes her weightlifting training seriously. At 21 years old, she does not miss a night out and says a man without creativity in bed is a big no-no. She would like to own the power of disappearing in certain moments – even though she has done the exact opposite on the photos she’s taken to Bella Club.
Date and place of birth: March 25th, 1990 in a town called Estancia Velha, extreme South of Brazil.
Lives in: Venancio Aires, also in the South of Brazil.

Height: 1,56m.
Hips: 101cm.
Waist: 65cm.
Bust: 92cm.
Feet: 35.

What other jobs have you done as a model?
This was my first one.

How was the start of your career?
I would not say I have a career yet, as Bella Club was my first real job. What Ican say is I really enjoyed doing it.

What are your professional goals now?
I want to study Production Engineering and also keep going on in the photographic field.

What do you do when no one´s watching?
I try to fix my weaknesses, so others will never notice them in me. LOL

Were you ever interested in another woman?

Do you always get along with men?
I believe so, I have loads of male friends.

What turns you off in bed?
Men without creativity.

Do you practice any sports?
I weight lift.

What special power would you like to have?
Disappearing in certain times...

In what kind of situation do you feel sexier?
When I´m with my boyfriend I feel more daring, therefore, sexier.

Can you remember your first kiss?
Kind of.

Are you capable of everything when you´re in love?
Yes, but with some limit.

Call me and I´ll go: nightclub.

I never: would sell myself for money.

Sex is: a mix of love and chemistry.

Is forbidden sex better?
It depends on the occasion...

Something crazy: climbing Mount Everest LOL.

Food: sushi.

Drink: champagne.

Song: Talking to the moon (Bruno Mars).

Film: Hachiko.

Color: white.

Clothes: of a brand called Colcci.

An important conquest: is about to come.

Would you leave a message to your Bella Club friends?
Never give up your dreams. Go for it, there is always a reward in return. I photographed happily and hope you enjoy them as much as I did! xoxo

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