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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Julia Schmitt
Date and Place of Birth: April 9th, 1988, in Toledo, Paraná. 
Cidade onde mora?  Toledo, Paraná.  
Sign: Aries

Height: 5,51 ft
Hips:40,16 in
Waist: 27,17 in
Bust: 35,04 in
Feet 7 ½

Are you dating anyone right now?
Single, but very much in love...

Who’s the lucky guy?
That’s a secret.

So tell us what do you do to keep in shape?
I work out everyday and watch my diet.
What’s just like you?
Companionship and true friendship.
What has nothing to do with you?
Falsehood and betrayal.
What takes you to heaven?
The one I love.
Some characteristics of your personality:
Companion, faithful, punctual, happy, and someone who fights for what she wants.
When did you first see yourself as a woman?
The day I decided to truly give myself to a man.
Do you think you’re sexy?
What’s your strongest weapon of seduction?
I do whatever it takes to seduce someone once I know it’s worth it…
What’s the occasion for a special outfit?
When you’re with the right person, every occasion deserves a special outfit.
How do you like to sleep?
In my panties…
What kind of panties do you wear?
Favorite thing to do:
Clubbing with friends.
Don’t invite me to:
Harming people.
The best time of day is:
Time to sleep, to rest, in my room.

The good thing about childhood was:
Playing, being naughty, studying, doing whatever I wanted… really enjoying it!
Best pick up line?
If you don’t wanna kiss me, would you at least let me kiss you? It definitely made me laugh. 

Did you let him kiss you?
I couldn’t say no, could I?
A man should smell like...
The way my man smells... (lol)

Saylor, pilot, policeman or fireman?
Hummm... Definitely fireman.
Would you let your man pose for a sexy shooting?
Sure, I’d love it! And better yet, the dream of other women would be my reality... while they look at it, I nail it!

What is irresistible to you?
A smart man, with a beautiful smile.

It’s essential to me...
Being around my family.
This was your first time on a sexy shooting. Was it good for you?
I LOVED it... it was an experience to remember... the team is great, everyone was really professional!

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