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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Juliana Dacoregio

Date and place of birth:
August, 11th, 1980, in Criciúma, Santa Catarina.

Lives in:


5,71 ft.

38,58 in.

26,77 in .

35,43 in.

7 ½.

When did you start modeling?
At 15, I started doing some runaway and tests for big agencies selection processes. I was invited to work as a model in Japan, but my parents haven?t even considered the possibility of letting me go, so I stopped modeling for a long while. Now, at 20 something modeling jobs started to pop up again, like catalogs and photos for commercial campaigns. I really like posing, so I decided to work as a model again.

Could you mention some of the jobs you´ve done as a model?
Fashion shows for malls and stores from my home town and region, commercials and lingerie catalogs.

Have you ever taken part in any modeling contest?
I participated on the Elite Models contest in 1996 and was selected for the final on the state capital. I was also elected high school queen in 1997 and Miss Pretty, in Goiás (Brazilian Midwest state), in 2001.

Why did you choose to be a model?
It wasn?t as much of a choice as it was destiny. I was invited to apply for an agency, do runaway jobs? I took several modeling jobs, but it was never my priority.

Besides modeling, do you have any other job?
Yes, I?m a journalist.

Do you work out?
I could say I am a gym tourist. But when I decide to go for it, I end up really enjoying it. I like to feel I?m moving my muscles.

Do you study?
I?m taking a graduation course on People Management, at Unesc, a local university.

Riding the ergometric bicycle while watching video clips on TV and walking.

...Soccer Team?
In my home town I cheers for Próspera, cause my brother works as a physical trainer. I also like Atlético Paranaense, because it?s my boyfriend?s team. That is, I literally cheer with my heart.

A wonderful trip I?ve taken was Porto Seguro, in Bahia, Brazil. Delicious place! Such beautiful and nice people! You can just walk around wearing nothing but a bathing suite, no matter where you go, you can dance in a bikini, have lunch in a bikini? it?s a place where people feel good about themselves, with their bodies and natural sensuality, even if they are not in the beauty standards imposed by the media. But my dream trip, the one I haven?t taken yet, but plan on doing it really really soon, is Paris, without a doubt.

Laguna (very close to Criciúma, my home town), because it brings me back to the time when I was a teenager.

I am a great movie fan, but if I had to choose my top three, I?d have to go with Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction and the Godfather trilogy.

Humm... backseat of a limo, etc...

The Beatles, The Doors, Ray Charles, and Bob Marley.

Farofa! (A typical Brazilian thing, farofa is a type of spicy fried floor).


Trèsor, by Lancôme.

What do you really love?
First of all, I am completely in love with my family! After that, lots of other stuff: the moon, the sea, writing, reading, singing, movies, the wind, sunny cold days, oatmeal, people with a fine sense of humor, flying, traveling at night listening to good music in good company.

What do you really hate?
Mediocrity, small minded people, people who can?t make compliments, fire works and panetone.

My father.

Handsome man:
George Clooney.

The best place to have sex is...
A huge bed, with a soft mattress, Egyptian cotton sheets, in a beautiful room with a window on the ceiling, by the moonlight, huge windows viewing the sea, surrounded by scented candles, incense, fluffy carpets (hihihi!). The best thing really is to make love to someone you really love. In that case, you can even loose all the other stuff I said before. But if you have all that I don?t think anyone would complain.

Which was the strangest place you ever had sex at?
Under the bed! No, I?m kidding! In fact, I can?t really think of anyplace that different. All that elevator, stairs or other bizarre places are rubbish to me.

Which parts of your body do you like the most?
Hands and back.

What draws your attention in a man's body?
The brain.

A pocket phrase or a thought...
No one makes a bigger mistake then not doing anything because they could only do a little.

Life philosophy:
I have phases, like the moon Phases I hide Phases I come out and shine.

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