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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Juliana Salimeni
Juliana Salimeni - Gorgeous and easy going, Juliana Salimeni, 22, is outrageously hot! When you first look at her, don%u2 9t worry if you became short breathed or your heartbeats go out of control.
Date and place of birth: September 24th, 1986, in São Paulo – SP.
Place where you currently live: São Paulo.  
Signe: Libra

Height: 5,6 ft
Hips: 40,2 in
Waist: 26,4 in
Bust: 36,6 in
Feet: 6 ½
A strong feature:

Outgoing or shy?
Outgoing when I work, for I impersonate a character, but really shy on my personal life.

Child’s dream:
Having a ball pool for kids!

Consumer’s dream:
A pink New Beatle with white seats.

Style:sexy, diva or cool?

Inspiring muse:
Graciane Barbosa.

A city:
São Paulo.

A technology:

TV x Cinema:
I don’t have much time for TV, but I always arrange time for going to the movies. I love horror films!

A habit:
Make up

Umbanda (Afro-Brazilian religion)


The perfume of success:
Fantasy, by Britney Spears, and some by Victoria’s Secret.

Beauty, what’s your secret?
Taking care of myself, inside and out, discipline, and will of power.

What is always in your purse?
Make up and perfume.

A man is sexy when he wears…
Tight shirt and baggy pants, hip hop style.

What is essential to an ideal man?
Being faithful above all things.

Dominated or dominatrix?

Have you ever read the Kama Sutra?
No, I haven’t.

A place, a thing or a date:
Japanese restaurant.

How do you deal with becoming a muse after posing for BellaClub?
One more trophy for my career.

You for yourself:
Truthful, just, perseverant, and ambitious. I fight for my dreams and for my career.

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