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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Krystine Guimarães
Krystine Guimarães - Beautiful. Blond. 5,28ft high. 24,8 in waist. A size 6 ½ feet and a G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S derrière. Do you need any more reasons to check out every incho f Bella Khrystine Guimarães?
Name: Khrystine Guimaraes.
Date and place of birth: March 24th 1986, in Florianópolis - South of Brazil.
City where you live? São José, great Florianópolis area.  
Signe: Aries

Height: 5.28ft
Hips; 36.22 in
Waist: 24.8 in
Bust: 35.83 in
Feet: 6 ½ 

Besides modeling, what do you do?
I study Psychology.

Are you seeing anyone right now or are you single?

What do you do to keep in shape?
A balanced diet and weight lifting. 

Soccer team?
Avaí - Brazilian soccer team from the South of the country.

A compliment:
Besides beautiful, smart!

A color:

A flavor:
The sweet flavor of strawberries.

A verb:
To love.

A destiny:

A dream:
Travelling around.

Strip-tease song:
Sexual Healing, Marvin Gaye.

Ever been to a male strip show? How did you like it?
Yes, I thought it was funny!

Read the Kama Sutra yet?
Yes, but a long time ago.

Sex without love, do-able?
Yes, there’s sex without love.

What was the most unusual place you ever made love at?
A beautiful beach.

Have you ever made a man’s sexual fantasies come true? Tell us!
Yes, once someone asked me to wear black boots and sexy lingerie.

What does a man have to do to get to you?
Be gentle and very good in bed!

What part of your body drives men wild?
My ass…

How was it posing for BellaClub?
So much fun! As I already knew some people on the crew it was really cool. Not to mention it’s the dream of so many girls!!

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