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Model´s photo:  Lygia Fazio
Lygia Fazio - The new Bella Club model is not a standard woman. Besides all the things we can observe on the images, Lygia Fazio surprises most of us with her professional choices. At 27, she is also a journalist and an actress. In her resumé is the work as a magician’s assistant; and she has almost 800 thousand followers on Facebook. Phew! Lygia’s life is far from being boring. Another proof that the blonde likes spicing things up is the exclusive photo shoot she has done to Bella Club, for which she photographed by the sea, in a car, on a skateboard and with a surfing board.

Date and place of birth: July 31st, 1985, in Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Lives in: a city called Taboao da Serra (Sao Paulo State, Brazil).
Height:  5.7 ft.
Hips: 38.5 in.
Waist: 25.5 in.
Bust:  37 in.
Feet:  8.5 (US) | 6 (UK).
How was the start of your modelling career like? I started when I was in college, doing a few things here and there, and it worked. The modelling jobs I do nowadays are what keep me going – financially, I mean.

In 2012 you were competing as the muse of Sao Paulo soccer team, right?Yeah, I registered online and let it happen. I did not win, but it was a great opportunity to me.

Does this mean you like soccer a lot? I would not say I am in love with soccer, but I watch a Sao Paulo´s match here and there...

You are a journalist, a model and an actress. Can you handle it all? I have done that all, but I am currently focused on my modelling career only. The opportunities in Journalism and on TV were very few. No matter what I do, I am going after my dreams.

Is it true you have worked with a magician before? Yes, it was a wonderful experience. I loved working with him (Mario Kamia). His wife Diny also worked with us, she is a lovely person.

If you could do magic to change anything in the world, what would that be?To be honest, I would change characteristics of the human being. I am tired of egocentric, greedy people. More love and less hate, please, is what I ask to humankind.

What do you do when no one is watching? I enjoy meditating, energizing... I love having moments to my own.

You have over 800.000 followers on Facebook. What do you do to be so special? I try to be the most attentive and friendly as possible, I got to cultivate this wonderful group I have conquered. They are everything to me.

And can you do it? It is tough, I tell you! There are too many people to reply to, but I give the best of me when it comes to interacting with the people who admire my work.

Has anyone ever tried something over the Internet with you? Well, that is a funny thing, because my Facebook always brings some guys like that, who try to get my attention with silly games and pick-up lines. Some of them are quite rude, but I understand that is the kind of attitude I will always find along the way.

Did any of these works? Never! LOL I am old school when it comes to that. I still believe people should meet in person and go from there. I do not believe in virtual relationships, even though I do respect the people who do.

What about other women, have you ever kissed one? No, I have never kissed women before. I like men, and I do not thing I should go out kissing other chicks just to please the others or for self-assertiveness. I have nothing against who enjoy it, though. It is just not my thing.

What do you do to keep in shape? I like weight lifting. In the past I used to practice boxing, I had some friends and we would all do it together. But I do not have enough time nowadays, so I had to pick something which was easier to keep up with.

What turns you off in bed? Lack of love. I might sound tacky, but if there is no love, for me there is no sex. I might seem a strong, independent woman on the outside, but I am still a shy, sweet girl on the inside.

Now tell us something you love: my son, Davi. He is everything to me, I would kill and die for him.

And something you hate: envy! If there is something I really hate is that. I cannot even think about it.

Do you take the first step when it comes to men? As I have mentioned before, I am a shy, sweet girl on the inside and I always hope men will come to me – not the other way around.

In what kind of situation do you feel the sexiest? When I am in love, with my partner, being loved.

You would do it anytime: making this world a better place.

You would never: do anything bad to anyone out of the blue.

For you, sex is: companionship and a mutual personality.

How do you sleep? On my side, wearing comfy, refreshing clothes.

An important conquest: my fame.

What are your professional goals for now? Being recognized as an important TV presenter.

Would you please leave a message to your fans in Bella Club? I love all my fans and I hope you like my photo shoot.
I has been done especially for you. Xoxo.

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