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Model´s photo:  Marina Neves
Marina Neves - Bella Club\\\'s latest model visits the gym daily, jogs, rides her bike, prefers healthy food, drinks only socially and does not smoke. Phew! It isn\\\'t easy keeping a body as hot as that! Besides looking after herself very seriously, Brazilian natural Marina Neves, who\\\'s 26 years old, is a student of Physical Education and wants to become a successful personal trainer in the future. Wow! This blond will surely become the apple of our eyes... Click her to see her photo shoot.
Date and place of birth: 18 de janeiro de 1985
Lives in: São Paulo.

Height: 1.70m
Hips: 97cm
Waist: 66cm
Bust: 89cm
Feet: 37


Are you into sports? Yes, I love sports! Can´t live without it.

Life philosophy: learning is infinite.

Which do you prefer, an aphrodisiac beach or a good night out?
With all my heart: an aphrodisiac beach, with sun, blue skies and a wonderful company. But if I could do both, that´d be awesome!

Tell us a bit about other jobs you´ve done as a model: 
my latest jobs include January 2011´s Maxim Brazil´s cover, an editorial for a surf magazine, publicity for a beer brand, catwalk on a Brazilian TV show and now, of course, my photos for Bella Club.

Besides modeling, do you have any other profession?
Yes, I work as a hostess at a coffee shop.

Do you study? 
I study Physical Education.

What are your plans for the future? 
Firstly I would like to get my degree and work as a personal trainer. After that, I also want to keep working as a model, getting married, having my babies and being a super mom! lol

What do you do to keep fit?
I weight lift and do some aerobics daily. On the weekend, when I go to the beach, I always jog and go for a ride on my bike. I also eat healthily, I have my breakfasts daily, I eat every 3 hours, I don´t smoke and I only drink alcohol socially.  

What´s your beauty secret?
Being happy and enjoying life!

What do you do when you want to feel very sexy?
I tease with provocative clothes.

What can´t a man do if he wants to seduce you?
Come to me with lame pick up lines, talk absurdities and want to show status.

What´s your opinion about sex on a first date?
I believe people should get to know each other first. Sex is very intimate and both need to feel secure before anything deeper happens. I think it´s much nicer for you to get to know the person first instead of dragging her straight to bed.

What do you do to transform a regular night into a hot, sexy night?
Just being with the person I love – and wanting to be with this person – makes it all very special and spicy! lol

Have you ever done anything crazy in the name of love?
I´ve done some unforgetful stuff...

What about your sexual fantasies, have you ever done any?
I have, but prefer not to share that info.

Does size matter?
Nope. What´s important is the action and the wanting of satisfying your partner.

What´s your secret for being comfortable while shooting naked?
In the beginning I was a bit tense, but it was awesome after a few photos. I felt very comfortable with all the professionals and I believe the biggest secret is to talk to the photographer before it all starts. After that you feel prettier and ready to rock. I love my job, so that was a pleasure to me! Thank yo all! Xoxo, Marina Neves.

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