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Model´s photo  Micheli Burate
Micheli Burate - Sweet and provocative. That is how the new Bella Club model describes herself when she’s trying to seduce someone. At 24, Micheli Burate says sex is a mix of inexplicable feelings in an essential act for any love relationship. The brunette doesn’t rule out the possibility of kissing other women, even though she feels more attracted to men – preferably men who are safe about themselves and who know how to treat a woman, of course!


Date and place of birth: June 8th, 1989 in a town called Guatambu (South of Brazil).
Lives in: Florianopolis (also in the South of the country).

Height: 5.4 ft.
Hips: 39.7 in.
Waist: 25.9 in.
Bust: 36.2 in.
Feet: 7.5 (US) | 6 (UK).

What other jobs have you done as a model? Bella Club is actually my first photo shoot as a model.

What are your professional goals now? My goal is to keep going, and to conquer my space in what I enjoy doing.

What do you do when no one’s watching? When I am on my own, especially in my bedroom or after a shower, I normally apply body cream all over my body. It helps keeping a healthy and good looking skin, and it is also something which gives me pleasure.

Have you ever wanted to kiss another woman? Yes! But up to now the opposite sex has always attracted me the most. New experiences happen as life goes by, though, so I wouldn’t say I would never do it...

Do you always get along with men? I get along with them as soon as I feel the chemistry going on. When it comes to relationships, though, I could say I am luckier in other things... LOL.

What turns you off in bed? Men who are insecure. I believe that is what turns most women off in bed, actually.

Do you practice any sports? Yes, I probably spend more time at the gym than at home LOL. I love weight lifting. Besides, I always jog by the sea a few times a week.

Which special powers would you like to have? Special powers have never gotten my attention, really. But if I had to pick one, I believe I would go for the power of being able to fly. There’s nothing better in the world than freedom.

In what kind of situation do you feel the sexiest? I like feeling sexy all the time. But I guess the situations in which I feel the sexiest happen when I am at the gym and when I am photographing.
Can you remember your first kiss? It was a unique moment which I’ll never forget.

Are you capable of anything when you’re in love? People who are in love are indeed silly LOL. I’m just like that, sweet yet daring. That is basically the rhythm when I’m in love with someone.

Call me and I’m in: when I feel like it, I would do anything at all. Call me and I’ll go for almost anything, especially when it involves traveling. I love going to places I’ve never been to.
I never: I’ll never understand why we usually use our hearts instead of our heads to think things through. Emotion over reason.

For you, sex is: an inexplicable mixture of lots of great feelings.

By the way, is forbidden sex more exciting? Forbidden is always great. When it comes to sex, it is even better!

Something crazy: I haven’t done many crazy things in my life yet, but I’ll come to that some day.

Food: my passion! LOL But if there’s something which cannot be missing from my plate is salad. The colorful, the better.

Drink: water. There’s no drink better than water, especially for women, who are always looking after their shape.

Song: it depends on my emotional phase. I like lots of different stuff, though.

Movie: romantic comedies are the best for me.

Color: black is great.

An important conquest: having friends. This is the best thing a person could ask for, being with truthful friends who love and care for me. That’s definitely my greatest conquest.

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Enjoy it carefully LOL.

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